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Meet the core of our company. Read case studies from our teachers, and see why they continue to recommend Language Trainers to teachers and students.

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Meet Our Teachers: George’s Story & Tips for Meaningful Learning

If you are planning on learning Romanian, you should meet George, one of our top Romanian teachers!
In this video, he tells us about his experience teaching his native language with Language Trainers and what he loves the most about his job.

I work in a state-of-the-art teaching style and encourage learning opportunities.


Teaching English with 35+ years of experience.
Language Trainers allows the student to be involved in their own learning process every step of the way.


Teaching Bulgarian with 30+ years of experience.
There is nothing more important than communication. If I can help a person communicate, they are functional and confident.


Teaching English with 30+ years of experience.
As a teacher, I have never adhered to only one pedagogical method. I find what works best for each individual.


Teaching English with 40 years of experience.
Language Trainers cares about the students and want the best teaching experience and outcome for them.


Teaching English with 18 years of experience.
I want to reach people in ways that I'd rarely been reached when I was a student.


Teaching English with 25 years of experience.
Language Trainers allows me to teach anywhere I live!


Teaching Spanish with 7+ years of experience.
I love working for Language Trainers as well as the opportunity to work with such fantastic and interesting students from all over the world

Linda Maria

Teaching English with 17 years of experience.
It’s the flexibility and diligence Language Trainers provides that allow them to succeed at great lengths.


Teaching English with 35+ years of experience.

If you want to learn English you have to meet Elizabeth!

Meet Elizabeth, one of our top American English teachers! She tells us about how her experience teaching English with Language Trainers and her method helped her become the language professional she’s today.

Whenever a student gets positive confirmation outside the classroom from their own peers that they've noticed an improvement, and then they come back to class and relate that to me, it tells me that we're on the right track and getting closer to the student’s envisioned goal.


Teaching German with 15 years of experience.
All of [my students] are great people with very different profiles and backgrounds, from my youngest student, who is 9, to my oldest, who is 65


Teaching Spanish with 15+ years of experience.
I look for students with a big willingness to learn a new language, who attempt to apply the tips I give them, and who do extra activities outside of the lessons to improve


Teaching Italian with 15+ years of experience.
Language Trainers offers a unique way of connecting directly with native speaking teachers, all over the world. No matter where you are, you can have your specific language course, made just for you, whenever you want.


Teaching Dutch with 5 years of experience.
The more languages you know, the richer you become. Language Trainers guarantees a personalized and successful course via their helpful staff and world-class teachers!


Teaching Serbian with 13+ years of experience.
I chose a career in teaching because I enjoy meeting people from different countries and, also, I wanted a job that allowed me to travel. Language Trainers offered me the opportunity to work one-to-one with students (online and face-to-face) and gives my students and me flexibility on how we want to schedule our lessons.


Teaching English with 13 years of experience.
The three things that my students can expect from me are logical and organized lesson materials, a preparedness to answer any questions, and my talent for identifying their language strengths and weaknesses


Teaching Russian with 5+ years of experience.
Students should want to feel comfortable speaking whatever language they choose. Language Trainers will provide the support and confidence you need


Teaching English with 5 years of experience.
Language Trainers offers students from all over the world the chance to have their own personal tutor that will guide them through the intricate path of learning a new language


Teaching Italian with 5 years of experience.
Thanks to the support from the Language Trainers staff, students will avoid wasting time, effort, and money.


Teaching English with 23 years of experience.
I like to teach one-on-one classes since I can choose my own hours, and Language Trainers was perfect for that. Plus, I like how enriching it is to be in contact with people of different nationalities online.


Teaching Dutch with 3+ years of experience.
Students have a complete learning experience with Language Trainers. They are accompanied all the time not only by their teachers, but also by the staff, who follow up on every student during the whole process.


Teaching Spanish with 30 years of experience.
Those who want to learn a new language should absolutely enroll in a course with Language Trainers because they offer everything that a student can wish for: personalized courses and the opportunity to connect with amazing teachers from all over the world.


Teaching Catalan with 2+ years of experience.

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