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Age: 50
Language Taught: English
Years of teaching experience: 23

Thanks to the support from the Language Trainers staff, students will avoid wasting time, effort, and money.

Hello Homa! Thank you for being here. Let’s get started! Why don’t you first tell us what language you teach and why you chose a career in education?

I teach English, but focus on teaching mainly the American variety. I chose teaching as a career for many reasons, but mostly because I love to communicate with people of any nationality in English and to learn about their cultures and lifestyles. I am also enthusiastic about sharing my general and technical knowledge, personal experiences, academic research, and new findings with other people.

Those are excellent traits in a teacher! And how did you start your career in the field?

I have a very strong business background, so that’s what I specialize in. I have taught many pre-MBA and MBA courses, as well as coached professionals in many fields. So, when I decided to switch my career to teaching, I knew that Business English should be my focus.

That’s a very exciting specialization! And what attracted you to teach with Language Trainers?

I chose Language Trainers because they are professional, reliable, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive.

Thank you for such superb feedback! And regarding your students, is there any trait that you look for in them?

I mostly look for them to love learning and be enthusiastic about it. Respect and trust are other attributes that I seek in a student as well.

What should students expect from you as their teacher?

Students should expect an easy and fun learning environment, up-to-date and interesting study materials, 99% improvement, and 100% satisfaction if they take classes with me as their teacher.

That sounds fantastic! So far, which has been your most memorable teaching experience with Language Trainers?

My most memorable teaching experience with Language Trainer is the moment when one of my ESL students needed to get credit for the hours she had canceled due to her sickness. It was her first ESL program with Language Trainers. The company did give my student credit for those canceled hours and this thoughtful response made her incredibly happy and satisfied. Later, she enrolled with Language Trainers again for the second time, renewed her program on time and continued studying with me with peace of mind!

I’m so glad to hear that our staff could rise to the occasion and make your student’s life easier. Do you think that the support provided by our staff is one of the main reasons why students should enroll in a language course with Language Trainers?

Definitely! But there are many other reasons too. They will learn from professional teachers who have many years of successful experience and expertise in teaching languages. Also, thanks to the support from the staff, students will avoid wasting time, effort, and money. Instead, they will be able to focus every minute of their time on learning.

Thank you for your time, Homa! Before you go, could you tell us a fun fact about the language you teach or a favorite expression you ask your students to learn?

A fun fact about English is that some of the words are pronounced in such a way that they sound like funny or rude words in other languages. Sometimes, when I teach these words to my students in a class, and I concentrate on their pronunciation by asking students to repeat after me, they stop repeating, and instead, start laughing out loud! When I ask them what’s going on, and they tell me what these words mean in their mother tongue, I start laughing out loud too! I believe this could be a fun fact about teaching English as a Second Language. Regarding my favorite expression, I ask my students to learn this phrase: It is never too late to learn!

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