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Age: 26
Language Taught: English
Years of teaching experience: 5

Students should want to feel comfortable speaking whatever language they choose. Language Trainers will provide the support and confidence you need

Welcome, Jaya, thanks for talking to us today. Can you begin by telling us about your teaching background?

Yes, of course. I chose to become a teacher four years ago, when I joined Teach for America. Since then, I have taught at Milwaukee Excellence Charter School, the number-one-ranked middle school in Milwaukee since 2016. I specialize at teaching English for business purposes, and have taught the language using a variety of methods, including guided instruction and small group instruction. I am especially proud to have tutored adults and younger students, alike.

It’s great you have excelled in the profession so quickly, and what a great opportunity to work with Teach for America. So, what brought you to Language Trainers

The Language Trainers staff asked all the right questions during the interview process, showing me how important they take it to find the right teachers for their clients.

What is the best thing about working with Language Trainers?

My favorite thing about working with Language Trainers is being able to build a relationship with my students and learn interesting things about them and their backgrounds, all while introducing them to new information and skills.

That’s wonderful that you value a close connection with your students. What else do you look for in a student?

I look for a student who is not scared to make a mistake and is willing to take risks while learning.

Going beyond your comfort zone is definitely one of the fastest ways to learn a language. Besides challenging your students, what else can learners expect from you, their teacher?

Students should expect the style that they prefer. I think learning is best done in the way the person receiving the instruction prefers, so I like to adapt to their needs.

Can you remember a particularly proud or joyful experience from your time teaching with Language Trainers?

With the pandemic causing so much disruption, it has been a joy to talk to my students about their views and opinions about current events while adapting to the virtual lessons.

Ah, so you’ve switched to teaching online! That’s great you and your students and taken to it so well, and that you have continued to offer such excellent teaching. This is just one of the services we provide, but if you have to summarize why students should enroll in a language course with Language Trainers in just a few words, what would you say?

Students should want to feel comfortable speaking whatever language they choose. Language Trainers will provide the support and confidence you need.

Thanks so much, Jaya! To finish, which is your favorite English expression that you like to teach?

In English, idioms are important for students to learn because they might hear them in common conversation and be confused. “You’re on the ball” is a great example and a positive one for them to learn.

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