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Age: 48
Language Taught: Spanish
Years of teaching experience: 30

Students have a complete learning experience with Language Trainers. They are accompanied all the time not only by their teachers, but also by the staff, who follow up on every student during the whole process.

Welcome, Norman! We’re thrilled to have you with us today. Could you begin by telling us which language you teach and why you chose a career in teaching?

I teach Spanish, and I chose a career in this field because I’ve liked to teach since I was a child. I remember I used to play teaching to my friends and family when I was a pre-teen. When I grew up and started attending elementary school and then high school, I was chosen to monitor my peers in several subjects. I’ve always liked teaching; for me, it is a passion.

It’s amazing how teaching was a calling for you from such a young age! And tell us, how did you prepare to make your dream of a career in education come true?

I studied language teaching at the University of Antioquia in my native country, Colombia. I also got a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrating Technology in the Classroom at the same university. I studied a Certificate in TESL/TEFL in Montreal, Canada as well. I started to teach Spanish before I even finished my university degree. I worked for the Municipality of Medellin for 9 years. At the same time, I was teaching Spanish for Technology at the Instituto Tecnologico Metropolitano. I also taught on the weekends at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. In Canada, I have been teaching Spanish in several language schools in Montreal and Toronto for the past 16 years.

Wow, you clearly know teaching like the back of your hand! And what attracted you to work with us?

The schedules to teach are very flexible. I can arrange with the students when it is better for them and for me. Thanks to the new online classes, I can teach from the comfort of my own office or home. That is an advantage for the students too, since they can do the same.

Online teaching has many perks indeed! What is your favorite thing about working with us?

I can make my own curriculum based on my students’ needs. The good communication with the staff at Language Trainers makes it easy to run the courses smoothly.

It’s great to hear that our staff has been instrumental in your courses. When they contact you for a new course, is there something in particular you expect from your students?

First of all, what I look for in a student is their willingness to learn. They need actual motivation and dedication towards learning Spanish if they want to succeed.

We completely agree on that! And what should students expect from you as their teacher?

I have almost 30 years of experience teaching Spanish. I studied teaching at university and, as I mentioned before, for me teaching is a passion. I may not be the perfect teacher but I always seek to make the teaching experience both enriching and enjoyable for my students, focusing also on the cultural aspects of the countries where Spanish is spoken.

Those classes sound like fun! So far, which has been your most memorable teaching experience with us?

The most memorable experience was teaching a student who was a beginner at first. The course went all the way until she reached an advanced level. She told me that one day on the bus, she started to talk to a Latino person in Spanish. They chatted for a while. At the end of the conversation, the other person told her that she had a Colombian accent in Spanish. She replied: “my teacher is Colombian.”

Amazing! That must be so rewarding for you as a teacher. And why do you think students should enroll in a language course with us?

Students have a complete learning experience with Language Trainers. They are accompanied all the time not only by their teachers, but also by the staff, who follow up on every student during the whole process. They are guided from the beginning of the course with ongoing assessments, feedback, and reviews that help them learn the new language in the best way.

Norman: Thank you for your words and your time, Norman! Before you go, could you tell us your favorite expressions that you ask your students to learn?

Language Trainers: There are certain expressions that students love, like “¡Qué locura!” and “¡Qué horror!” In general, Spanish learners like the fact that you can pronounce the way you write. They also love that Latin Americans are generally very joyful and open, as well as loud when they speak. I personally try to teach not only the language, but also all the cultural aspects. For example, food is a topic that is always well-received, and I suggest students go to Latin American restaurants to try the savory food.

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