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Language Taught: English
Years of teaching experience: 18

Language Trainers cares about the students and want the best teaching experience and outcome for them.

What language do you teach, and why did you choose teaching as your career?

I teach English as a second —or other—language. I come from a long line of teachers: both parents, aunts, and uncles are all teachers. To me, there is no career more rewarding. I love to see that sparkle in the eyes of my students when they start to understand. Knowledge is power and I want all of my students to have everything they need to succeed in any endeavor they choose.

Where did you study, how long have you been teaching, and what age group do you usually teach?

My focus has been Business English for the most part –however not exclusively. I’ve taught all levels from beginner to advanced. I studied English literature at Fullerton College in Fullerton, California and journalism at University of North Texas. I have the TEFL certification and have completed The Compton Method of Accent Reduction.

What do you look for in a student?

I love to see a motivated student. I also make it my mission to give students the confidence they need. I try to make sure classes are interesting and seek to motivate them through my own desire to learn.

What should students expect in you as a teacher?

Students should expect and receive a program which suits their individual needs. My curriculum is very specific to each student, built according to what they wish to focus on. As a teacher, I will push them; it might get repetitive, and their jaw muscles may hurt, but we will always have fun.

What’s your teaching secret to success?

I always tell my students, “Together, we can do this!” I have said that to all of them. I want their feedback. It helps me build lessons plans specifically for them. I have seen programs that worked, and those that didn’t. From these and throughout my 13 years of teaching ESL, I build successful lessons plans that work for my student.

Describe your favorite aspect of working with Language Trainers.

I get so much support from the team. I’m used to having to bear everything on my own, so the support I get from Language Trainers is essential. From materials for the students, to great links to books, I trust them to send me the best resources. I’ve been working with Language Trainers for three years and I can say with all honesty, they are one of the best schools I have worked with. They care about the students and want the best teaching experience and outcome for them.

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