Case Studies: Teachers

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Language Taught: English
Years of teaching experience: 35+

I work in a state-of-the-art teaching style and encourage learning opportunities.

What language do you teach and why did you choose teaching as your career?

I teach English and German. I choose this career because I have a passion for teaching and making a difference in a person’s life.

Where did you study, and how long have you been teaching?

I’ve studied at several universities, all in Canada. I have several degrees including a Masters in English Literature.

What age group do you usually teach?

I’m qualified to teach from pre-Kindergarten onwards and I have taught in almost every level, however I focus on adult and high school students.

What do you look for in a student?

Above all, the desire to learn!

What should students expect in you as a teacher?

Students can expect dedication and a love of learning. I work differently with each student according to their learning styles, and I always focus on their needs and what they want to learn. I work in a state of the art teaching style and encourage learning opportunities.

What has been your favorite teaching experience?

All of the students I've received through Language Trainers have been fantastic people. Beyond that, they've been great students to work with –both driven and motivated to learn!

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