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Age: 37
Language Taught: Spanish
Years of teaching experience: 15+

All of [my students] are great people with very different profiles and backgrounds, from my youngest student, who is 9, to my oldest, who is 65

Thanks for joining me today, Silvia! How are you doing?

I’m very well, thank you!

Please can you begin by telling everyone what language you teach and why you chose to become a teacher?

Yes, certainly. I teach my native language, Spanish, as a foreign language. I have always found the field of language learning and teaching very attractive and have wanted to be a teacher since I was very young. I like to help people achieve their language goals, and support a bilingual society because I being able to speak at least two languages is important for people to interact with and understand others from different places and cultures.

Oh, I think you’re absolutely right! So, you teach Spanish to help people get to know the many Spanish cultures around the world. Where did you study? What are your qualifications?

I hold a bachelor’s degree in language teaching from Santo Tomás University in Bogotá, Colombia. Currently, I am working on a specialization in Spanish teaching as a foreign language. I have over 15 years of teaching experience online and face-to-face, and have worked with all ages and both small and big groups of students.

And have you enjoyed working with Language Trainers? What made you want to work with us?

Language Trainers has been a real blessing. Actually, it is such a great company for any language teacher. I have the opportunity to work from home while connecting with nice, kind, and interesting people from around the world, or I can travel and still continue working. Another thing I would like to highlight is the support Language Trainers provides the teachers. The staff are always very responsive and respectful.

Can you think of any standout moments of your time teaching with us? Or can you tell us your favorite thing about working Language Trainers

My favorite thing, without question, is being able to interact with different people from all over the world. As for a standout moment, I cannot pick just one experience. I have taught General Spanish, medical Spanish, and Spanish for business to many students. All of them are great people with very different profiles and backgrounds, from my youngest student, who is 9, to my oldest, who is 65. I am grateful for the contributions they all have made to my personal and professional development.

So, you have taught a real range of students, then! But is there anything, in particular, you look for in your pupils? Something that tells you they will do well in your lessons?

I like to have students who understand the value of speaking foreign languages and want to learn.

Definitely! What about the other way around? What can students expect from you, their teacher?

I am a teacher who listens to my students. I make a big effort to find the best teaching approach for each student, to help them achieve their specific goals.

And what about Language Trainers, itself? Why should students enroll in a language course with us?

Language Trainers doesn’t follow a unique approach to studying languages. Instead, the staff and teachers work together to understand each student’s needs and learning preferences to find the best way we can help them achieve their goals. Further, courses are personalized and students can set their own schedule, so it is very convenient for busy people.

Well put, Silvia! Thanks again for speaking with me today. Before you go, is there a particular fun fact you teach to your Spanish students? Something about the language?

¿Cómo va todo? (How is everything going?) is a useful one. It is an expression that covers ¿Cómo estas? Bien gracias y tú? (How are you? Fine, Thanks and you?) much more quickly. It’s a great general question to use in any situation to break the ice and start a conversation, even if you are a beginner student.

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