Case Studies: Teachers

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Age: 62
Language Taught: English
Years of teaching experience: 25

I want to reach people in ways that I'd rarely been reached when I was a student.

What language do you teach, and why did you choose teaching as your career?

Teaching was one of my careers, and the other was public policy and advocacy, with extensive writing. I chose teaching because I felt that I would be good at it, and I wanted to reach people in ways that I'd rarely been reached when I was a student. I particularly like to teach upper-level English to adult professionals because we discuss topics of mutual interest, like social policy, the work place, current events, the arts and literature. I love teaching writing in particular, and have many years of professional writing experience.

Where did you study, and how long have you been teaching, and what age group do you usually teach?

I studied at Ohio Wesleyan University, the University of Madrid, George Washington University and Colgate University. I have taught students from ages 13 to maybe 45. I was a classroom Spanish and English teacher in public and private high schools, and also taught at George Washington and Southeastern Universities. In my second career I conducted workshops on Congress and how to have an impact on public policy.

What do you look for in a student?

I look for clarity of why the student wants to improve his/her English; how he or she will use it. I look for someone with interest in discussing topics in the above-mentioned areas. And I look for someone willing to put some time beyond our tutoring sessions into study.

What should students expect in you as a teacher?

Students should expect a well-rounded adult with a lot of experience in teaching, writing and public policy analysis who listens well and tailors the sessions to the student's needs and interests.

Describe your favorite teaching experience with

I have had only two students, and enjoyed both of them tremendously. One was a middle-aged German male executive in a high tech firm with two children and a diplomat wife. The other was a young Chinese female accountant who has many, many interests and was willing to read American classics to discuss them.

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