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Age: 38
Language Taught: Italian
Years of teaching experience: 15+

I look for students with a big willingness to learn a new language, who attempt to apply the tips I give them, and who do extra activities outside of the lessons to improve

Hello, Piero! Thanks for agreeing to share your teaching experiences with us today! Let’s begin with your history, qualifications, and why you wanted to be a teacher in the first place.

Hello. Well, I have always had a passion for languages and travels. I really enjoy socializing with foreigners and learning about their home countries and culture. Teaching my native language, Italian, and also English felt like a natural fit, so I completed my studies as an Italian instructor at Siena, Italy. I. I also got an EF SET certification in Advanced English. Professionally, I started to teach Italian in Italy with a caregiver agency; I mostly taught classes to Eastern Europe students. In 2011, I left Italy, initially to do volunteer work, and I taught languages because it’s something I could do from wherever, allowing me to travel at the same time. Since then, I have had students in the USA, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, and Brazil, including both individual or group lessons. Most of my experience is with face-to-face lessons, but in 2019, I started giving online classes, as well.

What attracted you to Language Trainers? Why do you like working with our company?

I was looking for a very good online school that could provide me with enthusiastic students. But even better is the staff; everyone is very professional, friendly, competent, and supportive with all my teaching needs.

What are the main things you look for in your students? What do you hope they will bring to each lesson?

I look for students with a big willingness to learn a new language, who attempt to apply the tips I give them, and who do extra activities outside of the lessons to improve, such as completing homework and watching videos in the language they are learning.

And what do you bring to each course? What can our clients expect from the teachers who work with us?

All the teachers who work with Language Trainers, including me, are well-prepared, have an understanding of each student’s goals and plan suitable activities to achieve them, pay attention to the difficulties each student is facing, and use comprehensive methods to teach all aspects of the target language, including listening, writing, reading and speaking.

Can you share with us your most memorable teaching experience with Language Trainers?

Recently, after just a couple of lessons on verbs, a student said, “I know how to conjugate verbs!” That is not an easy task of Italian grammar, and it is always a pleasure when students master new skills.

I can imagine that is a wonderful feeling! And is there a fun fact or an inspirational lesson you like to teach?

I always like to say, “You can do it! Who goes slow and steady, wins!”

That’s a great message to remind students of regularly, definitely! Finally, Piero, why would you recommend that students enroll in a course with Language Trainers?

Because of the experience, reliability, competence of the staff, as well as the international recognition of the company and the courses.

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