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Age: 30
Language Taught: Italian
Years of teaching experience: 5

Language Trainers offers students from all over the world the chance to have their own personal tutor that will guide them through the intricate path of learning a new language

Hello, Debora! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions today. Could you tell us what languages you teach and why you chose a career in teaching?

I teach Italian, and I chose this career because teaching my native language while traveling the world has always been my dream. As a language student myself - I have been studying languages since the age of 10 - I know the importance of learning a new language with a native speaker.

Certainly, learning with a native speaker can make all the difference. But, besides that, you are also very well-trained. Could you tell us about your teaching qualifications and history?

I am a graduate student from the University of Bologna (Italy) with a major in English and German linguistics and literature. In 2016, I set off to Oaxaca, Mexico to teach Italian as a second language, which has changed my life ever since. In September 2020, I decided to pursue a Master's Degree in Teaching Italian as a Second Language.

That’s amazing! Having so many qualifications and so much experience sure makes you stand out in the labor market. So, what attracted you to teach with Language Trainers?

I applied for a job at Language Trainers because I was very much interested in teaching online. I was looking for a job that gave me the flexibility to continue with my travels while working on what I love doing.

We are glad you applied to work with us. So far, what is your favorite thing about working with Language Trainers?

I love their flexibility and good attitude. Since I’m doing my Master’s right now, it’s great that I can choose my hours and teach from home, so I also have time to study. And the team is the best. They are always available and willing to help.

Thank you for your kind words, Debora! And regarding your students, what do you expect from them?

I expect all my students to be motivated to learn the language and give their best in class. I always make my greatest effort to make sure that all my classes are motivating, but I also need my students to want to participate and improve their skills.

That’s absolutely true. Without motivation, there is no learning. And what should students expect from you as their teacher?

They can always expect me to prepare classes adapted to their needs and interests and always give my best. Also, they can expect a relaxed learning environment, where it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

That sounds like the ideal Italian class! So far, what has been your most memorable teaching experience with Language Trainers?

My most memorable experience was teaching an Online Italian Group Course with a fantastic group of coworkers who needed to learn Italian for their job. We had a lot of fun together and they made great progress in a very short time.

Sounds like a lot of fun! And why do you think students should enroll in a language course with Language Trainers?

Language Trainers offers students from all over the world the chance to have their own personal tutor that will guide them through the intricate path of learning a new language. As if that wasn't enough, they can pick the start date and class times according to their schedule, so they can get started as soon as they would like.

Thank you for joining us today, Debora! Finally, could you tell us a fun fact about the language you teach or a favorite expression you ask your students to learn?

Every time my students get frustrated because they are learning a complex topic and feel that they are not making enough progress, I tell them “tempo al tempo,” which means that they have to be patient and their efforts will yield the results they expect.

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