Do you need to reach a certain proficiency level in the foreign language you are learning? Are you preparing for an official exam? Perhaps you’re simply curious to know how your education is advancing?.

Select the language you want to assess below and choose the FREE test you would like to take. Our tests only take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. We will immediately provide you with a detailed proficiency level, so you can appreciate your current language capabilities clearly and understand how you can still improve.

Step 1:
Choose a language for the test

Step 2:
Select the type of test

Level Test Take Test!
Our Level Tests will test your current ability to use grammar and understand phrases and sayings in your chosen language. Answers are multiple-choice and there are 70 questions in total, presented 10 at a time. If you’re in a hurry or decide you’d like to end the test early for any reason, you can submit your score after completing a set of 10 questions and clicking “Get My Test Results.” However, the more you answer, the better we can assess your proficiency level. Questions become increasingly difficult the more of them you answer.
Listening Test Take Test!
Our Listening Tests are multiple-choice, also. However, instead of testing grammar and general comprehension, Listening Tests specifically assess your ability to understand native speakers. Each set of questions covers a different topic (like family, time, directions, etc.). Click play on the audio files to listen to the speakers and then choose the correct answers based on what they say.

Reading Test Take Test!
We are currently designing Reading Tests for each of the listed languages. Check back regularly or follow us on social media to learn when these tests are available.

Instant Results

Whichever of our free tests you choose to take, you will receive your results immediately. We will provide you with three assessment details:

• Your total score: The number of correct responses out of the total number of questions answered;

• Your proficiency rating: Depending on the number of questions answered, your total score, and the type of test taken, we will rate your language abilities as one of our proficiency ratings: Beginner; Elementary; Pre-Intermediate; Intermediate; Upper Intermediate; or Advanced. To learn more about these proficiencies, what they mean, and how they correspond to official language certificates, you can read more here.

• Your incorrect answers: We will tell you which questions you got wrong. We do this so you can identify where you can still improve.

If you are already taking a course with us, we encourage you to share these results with your tutor. They will then be able to make adjustments to give you the most effective and personalized classes possible.

Tailor-Made Tests for Businesses and Organizations

We offer an additional test service for organizations that is absolutely FREE throughout, and you are under no obligation, at any time, to purchase any courses with us.

If your personnel are considering or currently learning a new language, we will design an organization-wide test for you to distribute. These are multiple-choice-based and will evaluate a variety of language skills to determine an accurate assessment of each person’s ability. We will individually tailor each test to your organization and the needs of your staff. We will even take care of all the technical requirements for you, so all your language learners need to do is access the test online.

As an added service, we will also help you to interpret the results. While each person will receive their own proficiency level, we will organize the results so you can see who is comprehending and using the new language at a more advanced level compared to their co-workers. This will quickly help you understand how to arrange your learning groups efficiently, so that your staff improve more quickly.

If you think this free of charge service is something that might interest your organization, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your requirements.