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”Language Trainers has world-class teachers who are committed to helping you meet your goals, and who can work within any schedule – including early mornings and late evenings”

Eric Jones Spanish & Portuguese Classes for a Professional

”My German has definitely improved! I am also better able to understand Swiss German as a result. I have been able to use my skills to speak with my wife and her family, as well as in German-speaking areas in Switzerland.”

Brett Foster Learning Swiss German to Communicate With Wife’s Family

”My favorite thing was that my teacher and the staff customized the curriculum to suit my needs.”

Shan Reddy Learning Telugu as a Family Matter

”My favorite thing about working with Language Trainers is that you were patient with me. When one teacher did not work out, you searched for another until I found the one who I work with now, Vumilia”

Rebecca Kane Learning Kiswahili for Humanitarian Reasons

”I have already recommended Language Trainers to at least ten people since doing the program”

James Wolf Learning French for his Family

” I have learned conversational Japanese, as well as how to write basic Japanese characters in only three months”

Cheryl Schultz Learning Japanese & Taking Business Abroad

”Yes, the program has been extremely helpful. My teacher was the most helpful and useful”

Bob Busch Rediscovering the Spanish Language

”My rather ambitious goal was to be able to speak, read, and write Italian and Lia has helped me work towards that”

Luvaghn Brown A Passion for Italian

”We wanted to come to Peru with the confidence we could have small conversations with the people here. We knew that not only would it be helpful, but it would also enhance our experience and make us get more out of the trip”

Tarran Kent-Hume & Olie Hunter Smart Spanish for an Amazon Adventure

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Took English Courses in Overland Park

Took Spanish Courses in Washington, D.C

Took English Courses in Colorado Springs


”My teacher is amazing. I am learning so much. I am actually conversing and writing and reading! I feel confident in what I am doing.”

Julie Behar Spanish course in Tucson
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Teacher Case Studies

Name: Chavah
Age: 63
Language Taught: English
Years of teaching experience: 30+

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