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Shan Reddy

My favorite thing was that my teacher and the staff customized the curriculum to suit my needs.

Hello, Shan! Thank you for agreeing to share your experience with us. Why don’t you tell us a little about you and the language you chose to learn and why?

My family, including my parents and wife, are Telugu. Since I was brought up in the USA, I have lost touch with how to speak the language. Thus, I'm motivated to learn Telugu since it is part of my culture.

That’s so interesting! And what attracted you to learn with Language Trainers?

Their good reviews, and their very well-organized website and staff.

It’s great to know that our website and staff were so helpful! Throughout your experience with us, what has been your favorite thing about studying with Language Trainers?

My favorite thing was that my teacher and the staff customized the curriculum to suit my needs.

We do our best to adapt our classes to our students’ needs. It’s great to know that that worked out so well for you. What was the most helpful aspect of your course?

It was really useful to be able to do one-on-one training through video chat.

And what has been your most rewarding outcome from this experience?

Becoming more fluent and comfortable in speaking Telugu.

So, do you believe your language ability has improved to the level you wanted? Have you had an opportunity to use your new skills in the real world?

Yes, it has improved. I have been using my skills speaking to my son who is one year old. I'm hopeful that he will be able to pick up the language since I have improved in speaking it.

That’s so heartwarming! I hope he makes as good progress in Telugu as you did. Why do you think other students should enroll in a language course with Language Trainers?

It's a practical opportunity to learn the language of their interest, especially for people like myself who have a regular daytime job.

Thanks a lot for your time, Shan! Before we finish, would you tell me what is your favorite word, phrase, or expression in Telugu?

Santosham. It means happiness.

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