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Cheryl Schultz

I have learned conversational Japanese, as well as how to write basic Japanese characters in only three months

Hello, Cheryl. Thank you for agreeing to share your thoughts and experiences with us, today! It’s great to talk to you! Would you mind telling us a little about yourself? Where do you live, and which language did you study and why?

I live in the Central Valley in California but I wanted to learn Japanese as I have a global skincare business which is expanding to Japan in 2020. I wasn't sure how to get started or where I could find classes, but [I decided on Language Trainers] after doing my research online and multiple communications via email.

Wow, congratulations on the success of your business. That’s quite the target you have set yourself. There are other language teaching businesses available; so, what made you choose Language Trainers? What made our service stand out?

The in-house staff were easy to work with and I love my tutor. She is very patient and works with me at my pace. In addition, she customizes my lessons, so they really are what's best suited for me.

I am thrilled to hear that, Cheryl! And is the course working? Have you noticed an improvement?

I have learned conversational Japanese, as well as how to write basic Japanese characters in only three months. Of course, I practice a lot and try to take two classes per week, my schedule permitting. I am pleased that I have accomplished my language goals.

Well done! That is excellent progress and a real testament to your commitment. And would you recommend Language Trainers to friends and family?

Language Trainers is not inexpensive, but assuming cost is not someone’s primary factor, I would recommend Language Trainers to them. And I like that customers can pay on a payment plan, if it helps.

That’s great to know! And how would you persuade them to choose us?

If you are looking to learn a language, what better time than now, when so many of us are sequestered in our homes. It is always good to expose yourself to new challenges, and I think learning a new language is always great.

We couldn’t agree more! Well, good luck taking your business to Japan, Cheryl! What are some of the phrases you think you will use most often out there? 

I have several new phrases I use often, but my favorites are: Konichi wa!  O genki desuka?  (Hello, how are you?) Tanoshimi ni shitsteimasu! (I'm looking forward to it!) Tsukareta, oyasuminasi.  (I'm tired, good night) Arigato gozaimasu! (Thank you very much!)

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