Impending Apocalypse: OMG! Totes LOL


Like the evolution of dance, language has evolved for Internet users. The web created it’s own vernacular and unfortunately acknowledgement arrived in the form of the Oxford English Dictionary. A few years ago, OED decided to wave it’s white flag and add a few internet slang words to it’s lexicon: LOL, OMG, and <3 better known as: ♥.

Although Internet slang was initially created to shorten the length of keystrokes or recompense for smaller character input areas, it quickly seeped into our everyday lives. At random moments throughout my day, I will hear or even say a few of these words. Some would say it’s a corruption of the English language, or perhaps a true sign of the impending apocalypse. Others believe it’s all apart of the amazing evolution of language.

Here’s a list of some popular Internet slang:

LOL – Laugh out loud
OMG – Oh my God/Gosh
<3 or ♥ – Heart
FYI – For your information
BFF – Best friend forever
YOLO – You only live once
BRB – Be right back
ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
AFK – Away from keyboard
Totes – Totally

The English language is incredibly complex, even for native speakers life myself. Perhaps you should brush up on your English by taking a few courses before learning the advanced world of Internet slang!