Fight breaks out during US Open match, bad language blamed

Following on from my recent post about bad language delaying the sequel to the popular Dead Rising video game, it seems that bad language has crept into the mainstream news once again – this time sparking off a brawl during the Djokovic-Petzschner game at Flushing Meadows in this year’s US Open.

ApparentlyApparently, the fight broke out because the man pictured on the left in the photo had a lot of money riding on the outcome of the game, and was venting his frustrations when things weren’t going his way by cursing profusely – mostly using the “F” word.

The lady berated him for his language, and appeared to slap him, at which point the man told her to “Sit the f**k down”. Her father then weighs in, and after calming his daughter down he starts a scuffle that ends up in him tumbling down several rows of seats with the foul-mouthed tennis fan. What followed was mayhem, as other members of the crowd piled in to subdue the two scrappers, before security arrived to escort them from the court. Oh, and Djokovic won, in case anybody is interested.

This all goes to show how powerful language can be – it can unify strangers into a common goal, or it can end up making perfect strangers make total fools of themselves on live TV, and all over the internet. Speaking of which… here’s the video. Any lip readers want to post a transcript?