How do you imagine post-pandemic meetings? Some interesting insights

At Language Trainers, we are interested in what you have to say. That is why last month we conducted a survey to know your opinion on how you would prefer face-to-face meetings to resume during or after the COVID-19 crisis is over. Here are some of the results:


Photo via Pixabay

Use of masks and social distance


We asked people how they imagined meetings during or post COVID-19 would be, especially in regards to masks and social distance. This is what we got. While 16% of our respondents imagine meetings the same as before, another 16% think there will be no use of masks but still some social distance.


Almost half of our respondents, instead, claim they will still use masks and keep social distance (avoiding physical contact). Finally, 17% of participants chose to give a personalized opinion, such as “I’ll keep the mask with me and put it on or at least cover my face with a handkerchief”, showing that masks will be crucial when carrying out meetings in the “new normal” ahead of us.


Some of our instructors are already teaching face-to-face courses, always keeping in mind safety measures. One of our teachers, for example, claims that they continue with a physical lesson “with one student, but with a distance of 1.5 metres.”


Closed or open spaces


Most of the people who participated in this poll prefer to have meetings (now or in the near future) in open spaces rather than in closed ones: 70% of our respondents would like to meet outside, in an open space. Only 30% of participants want to meet for lessons in their homes or offices.


One of our teachers explains, “my typical course is one-on-one or two students max. and me. This means we can meet safely in person or do the course via Skype or Zoom.”


Size of group meetings


In terms of the size of group meetings during the pandemic or after the crisis is over, results show that 42% of our clients and teachers believe meetings should be attended by 3-5 people, no more. On the other hand, 37% of people think that meetings will be carried out with up to 8 people, so long as everyone maintains the proper distance from each other and wears masks.


And while 10% believe group meetings could be conducted online, without restrictions in terms of the number of people involved, only 5% of the respondents feel that group meetings will remain the same as before COVID-19. Others claim they don’t know how these group sessions should be organized.


We can’t wait to go back to face-to-face lessons, with precautions that ensure our students and teachers are always safe and healthy. Some measures we will take include wearing masks, keeping social distance, offering lessons in public spaces as much as possible, and staying online as long as learners and instructors are both comfortable with that.

Of course, if anyone is showing symptoms of the disease, the lesson or meeting would be canceled and rescheduled. The good news for Language Trainers is that most of our courses are usually one-to-one or with very small, private groups, so we will definitely be able to teach while socially distancing without any issues. Please let us know if you would like any more detailed information about our survey results.