The Best Language-Related Activities and Ideas for International Women’s Day

Are you looking for language-related activities and ideas for International Women’s Day? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how you can recognize and honor the women in your life and community on this special day while engaging in culturally relevant activities.

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Why is International Women’s Day celebrated?

International Women’s Day is celebrated to recognize women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements worldwide. This day is a reminder of the struggles that women have gone through in order to secure their rights and freedoms. But it’s also a powerful platform. One that can kickstart conversations about the steps that can be taken to level the playing field for women in all aspects of life.

Celebrating International Women’s Day is a great way to pay tribute to the amazing women in your life. And to promote gender equality. Whether you are a woman looking for original ideas for March 8 or a guy wanting to show his support to the women around him, here are some language-related activities and ideas that you can do on International Women’s Day 2023.

1. Host a Women’s Roundtable

Are you looking for original ideas for International Women’s Day? Why not ask a group of inspiring female professionals from various cultural backgrounds to come together ? It could be a great opportunity to discuss their experiences, the challenges they have faced, as well as successes they have achieved in their respective fields

Roundtables provide an opportunity to get inspired by the stories of different women. But more importantly, they are great for celebrating women’s work.

Learn from other women

One of our Spanish teachers, Sonia, did this in Coyoacán, Mexico. In 2019, she was able to bring together local entrepreneurs, educators, writers and activists. Recalling the event, she says:

“Oh, it was nothing fancy. Just a tea party. But it was humbling to be in a room full of incredible women, each with her own story to tell. We discussed the challenges faced by us as women and also shared our successes and dreams for the future. One thing really stood out. despite coming from different backgrounds and speaking different languages, there were gender-based issues that we could all relate to. Struggling to earn as much as our male counterparts… Feeling the pressure of having to conform to traditional gender roles… We found that many of us had similar experiences. It was heartening to see that, despite our differences, we could come together in solidarity and support each other.”

2. Write an Inspirational Letter in Another Language

Writing letters is an almost extinct activity in the age of digital communication. But isn’t there something magical about getting a letter in your mailbox?

And it’s not just receiving a letter that feels special. When you use a pen and paper to put your feelings and ideas into words, you get to connect with your feelings in a much deeper way.

Are you looking for language-related activities for International Women’s Day that feel meaningful and empowering? Write a letter to a female role model or an inspiring woman in your life! Tell her how much you appreciate her!

Do you know someone who has achieved something extraordinary? Have been touched by a woman’s acts of kindness? Use International Women’s Day 2023 as an opportunity to let them know how much they mean to you! Not only will it make her feel special, but it will also give you the opportunity to express yourself honestly.

Show your gratitude towards women

Anne, one of our former clients from San Diego, did this last year to thank her Italian teacher, Corina, and she has kindly allowed us to share part of her letter, which she originally wrote in Italian to challenge herself… “and show off my language skills”:

“Cara Corina. Quello che mi hai insegnato è molto più di un’abilità linguistica. Durante il tempo che abbiamo condiviso insieme, mi hai insegnato a credere in me stesso e a non mollare mai. Grazie per avermi aiutato a superare le mie insicurezze e incoraggiarmi sempre a impegnarmi di più. Sei un’ispirazione per me e per altre donne grazie alla tua dedizione, perseveranza e gentilezza.”

“Dear Corina. What you have taught me is much more than a language skill. During the time we shared together, you taught me to believe in myself and never give up. Thank you for helping me overcome my insecurities and always encouraging me to try harder. You are an inspiration to women because of your dedication, perseverance and kindness.”

3. Organize a Language Exchange

A language exchange group is not just a meeting of people from different parts of the world. It’s a specific type of get-together where people gather with the main purpose of expanding their linguistic and cultural horizons.

For International Women’s Day 2023, why not organize a Language Exchange with your local female community? Don’t just send a congratulatory text message. Instead, invite women from different backgrounds who are eager to learn or teach a new language and open up the doors of communication!

Of course, you can decide whether you would like the event to be in-person or online. But either way, the main goal should be to create a safe and open-minded space where everyone can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings.

Inspiring ideas for Women's International Day

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Come together with women from different backgrounds

In this group, you can cover topics related to International Women’s Day. For example, you can talk about gender roles and stereotypes. Or maybe, you can discuss women in different countries are making a change in their communities.

This is also a great opportunity to practice some solidarity. A way to come together in a collective effort to break down barriers and create meaningful connections.

Of course, the topics you choose and the depth at which you’ll be able to discuss them will depend on the level of language fluency of the participants. To avoid situations where some participants feel left out, you could group people according to the languages they know. Or, if it’s a big group, you could divide people into different levels!

By allowing women to talk to and connect with each other, you’ll be giving them the opportunity to form meaningful relationships, build self-confidence and raise awareness on important issues. What better way is there to celebrate International Women’s Day 2023?

4. A Language Course Gift Voucher for your Partner, Friend or Family Member.

Are you looking for the best language-related ideas for International Women’s Day? So far, we have talked about events and activities to help you connect with other women around the world, but there is one special way to show your appreciation for that one special woman in your life that you should definitely consider.

Encourage women to keep learning

Let’s say you have a partner who has been wanting to learn a new language forever. For as long as you can remember, she has kept going on about how she wants to learn French, but somehow she never really finds the time. Let’s say you happen to know that she actually has some free time, and the reason she hasn’t taken the plunge is she’s a bit insecure, or perhaps she hasn’t found the right teacher or school.

What better way to show your appreciation and love for her than by getting her a language course gift voucher? A customized language course can be a great way to start learning a new language, and it’s something that will give her skills and knowledge she’ll carry with her forever.

Celebrate Women’s International Day with Language Trainers

At Language Trainers, we offer one-to-one courses tailored to suit every student’s learning style so that even the shyest of learners can feel comfortable and confident in their learning environment.

Lucy, a student from New York who got a language course voucher from her brother last years, says: “For years, I had been wanting to learn German, but every time I thought about it, I was always too scared. The voucher came at the right time and gave me a bit of courage to take the first step. Now, I’m so happy I did! It’s been such a great experience learning German in a one-to-one environment while having the support and encouragement of a professional language teacher.”

So, why not surprise your special someone this International Women’s Day 2023 with a truly unforgettable gift? Give your mother, sister or wife the opportunity to learn a new language and help her reach her full linguistic and cultural potential. She will definitely thank you for it!

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Which of these ideas for International Women’s Day is your favorite? Is there anything else you would add to the list? Let us know on our social media or contact us now to inquire about our courses!

There is no right or wrong way to show your appreciation for women and their accomplishments. Whether it’s organizing an event, giving a gift voucher, or simply encouraging each other through conversations, the important thing is to celebrate their contributions. This time, let’s come together this International Women’s Day 2023 and use it as an opportunity to create meaningful connections with each other!