What Will Be Your Toughest Challenge When Learning a Second Language? (Part I)

Learning a second language can be a fun experience if you go about it in the right way, although there are sure to be parts of it which you enjoy more than others.

Personally, I like to learn lots of new words and I drag my feet a little when it comes to the grammar. This is probably because I am so keen to just start talking and using what I have learned. Which part of the process is most difficult for you and what can you do about it?

The Speaking

This is the part of the language learning process which should be most fun but I can understand why some students find it tough. Speaking to someone in your second language isn’t easy at first and it is a strange feeling to say something which is just a jumble of sounds to you. However, the key here is in finding someone you are comfortable practicing with and then speaking as often as you can. With Language Trainers you can start with your teacher and begin to feel comfortable about overcoming this challenge.