Mexico City is one of the most unique cities in Latin America. Once part of the Aztec empire, it has evolved into one of the largest, richest, most populated megacities in the Western Hemisphere, and a mecca for those who want to study in Mexico.

The fact that the capital city is such an undeniably unique spot for students, however, should not make us leave the rest of the country out of the picture! Whether you want to take a deep delve into Mayan culture in the Yucatan Peninsula, study the Spanish language in Cuernavaca or do a business course in Guadalajara, there are lots of wonderful destinations in Mexico for American students.

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Below, you will find our favorite spots (besides Mexico City!) to visit this wonderful country as a student in 2022 and beyond.


Known as the “City of Eternal Springs” thanks to its warm weather, Cuernavaca is home to the best Spanish language schools in the country, especially for those who don’t feel confident enough about their current Spanish level just yet. Rather than just feeding students endless verb conjugation tables, these schools provide authentic cultural immersion programs that attract thousands of people from around the world. What is special about these programs is that they accommodate students with local host families in order to facilitate a natural cultural exchange and, of course, loads of language learning!

However, you don’t have to be a language enthusiast to study in Mexico or in Cuernavaca. Some of these schools, like Experiencia, are ideal for history buffs who want to explore Mexico’s pre-colonial history and learn about its Spanish influences. In addition to teaching them the Spanish language, Experiencia encourages students to take part in varied cultural activities such as Intercambios (cultural exchanges with Mexican students) and Lecciones (weekly lectures about Mexican history and politics).


Guadalajara is a recurring motif in rancheras and classic films for very good reasons. Boasting a unique mix of history, innovation and business (not to mention classical mariachi music, and charreadas or rodeos), this thriving city is a wonderful choice for those who want to study in Mexico

Do you want to pursue a Master in Business Management? There are several reasons why you should consider doing it in Guadalajara. To begin with, EGADE Business School is the most globalized university in Latin America. Its’ innovation-led curriculum is a spearhead for the development of global executive talent, producing graduates who grow to become managers, executives, and directors for companies such as Google, Amazon, VISA, and Mastercard. And while most degree courses are taught exclusively in Spanish, the Guadalajara-based school does offer a Master in Business Management program entirely taught in English.

What is more, Guadalajara’s EGADE offers tours and events for international students on a regular basis to show them the local area and culture. Given that almost half of the      course is made up of English-speaking people, you will surely find like-minded students and entrepreneurs and plenty of opportunities to boost your knowledge of Spanish business idioms.

All in all, Guadalajara is the perfect spot for those looking for a cosmopolitan, economically advanced spot to study business abroad in Mexico, but are put off by the overwhelming size and constant buzz of the capital city.


You may know Cancun for its paradisiac white-sand beaches, crystalline sea, and exciting nightlife, but it turns out it is an ideal choice for a semester abroad as well.

Anáhuac Cancun University, for example, which has an international campus that encourages integration and cultural exchange, offers international students a vast array of courses in both English and Spanish including Advanced Media Content Production, Advertising Design, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Business law, Counseling, and Data Analysis.

Last year, Anáhuac Cancun University was ranked the #3 Best University in Mexico for combining highly qualified professionals and innovative teaching methods to turn curious students into ambitious, positive action leaders.

But that’s not all. This prestigious university is called ‘Anahuac’, which means ‘near the water’, is just a few minutes away from the incomparably beautiful Caribbean Sea. Can you imagine a better way to celebrate a passing grade than diving into turquoise seawater or partying with your new friends at Cancun’s beach clubs?


Puebla is a colonial city that’s packed with cathedrals, museums, and universities, making it the perfect place for those who want to study the history of Mexico. After all, it was in Puebla that la Batalla del Cinco de Mayothe battle in which the French were defeated by the Mexican army in 1862—took place. In 1919, just a few years after this extraordinary defeat, Puebla would become the birthplace of the Mexican Revolution!

But Puebla is not just a dream spot for those who want to study the history of Mexico. Being home to some of the most prestigious universities on the continent, it is also the perfect place to pursue almost any career you can think of. Universities in Puebla are known for providing a great learning environment and encouraging students to actively explore their interests and seek their true vocation.

Some of the best universities in the area are:

Most of these institutions provide Spanish classes so that students can continue to sharpen their linguistic skills while they complete their courses. What is more, the universities’ international offices assist students with all the questions regarding life in Puebla and they even provide international newcomers with options for both on-campus and off- off-campus accommodation.

As you can see, there is much more to Mexico than Mexico City. For those who want to study abroad in this wonderful country, the cities above will provide not only wonderful educational experiences but also the possibility to learn about Mexico’s unique culture and make new friends in the process.

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While most of the schools and universities we have mentioned provide courses in English, we strongly believe that in order to make the most of your time in Mexico you will need to brush up your Spanish skills. If you contact us now, we will match you with one of our Mexican-born Spanish tutors for a completely free trial lesson so you can discuss your learning goals to obtain a tailor-made course based on your interests and objectives. What are you waiting for? Send us a quick message and get started.