In keeping with our week’s theme on Internet slang, today we’re going to explore the wonderful world of strange Twitter terms.

Twitter is an incredibly popular social network and micro blogging site that allows users to post updates with no more than 140 characters. Users tend to have difficulty squeezing thoughts into a limited character count, so the Twitterverse created it’s very own vernacular to appease the masses. Alongside Twitter’s traditional glossary of must-knows like “#” and “@username,” a few odd and humorous terms found their way into the mix. Here’s a Twitterific list of some obscure terms:

Twitterati – users who follow A-Lister’s, which often include celebrities. (Who doesn’t want to follow Chuck Norris?!)

Tweeple – Twitter users

Phweeters – people who have fake accounts representing personalities and celebrities. (Perhaps I’m not following Chuck Norris after all!)

Tweeterboxes – you’re a Tweeterbox if you Tweet too much!

Dweet – a drunk Tweet! (Chuck, I didn’t mean what I Tweeted, Hiccup!)

Tweading – reading Tweets

Twaggle – a gaggle of followers (Just me and Chuck)

Now that you’re up to par on the obscurities of Twitter and my profound affections for Chuck Norris, we can proudly say we’ve got Tweet-Cred! In order to perfect your Twittonary vocabulary in the Twitterverse, brush up on your English by taking a few classes!