Tunes in Foreign Languages

Lately, I’ve found myself listening to music in foreign languages. Although English is my first language, I’ve never shied away from enjoying music from around the world. Sometimes listening to foreign music soothes my mind a bit easier than listening to an English song.

Why is this? Well for starters, people enjoy listening to tunes in a foreign language because it’s easier to focus on the artists voice and musical instruments. Usually when you listen to music in your own language, your mind focuses on the words rather than the melodic instruments playing or the tones an artist carries in their voice. Some would assume that lyrics need to be understood in order to be enjoyed, but there is actually no truth to that. Many students find it easier to study with foreign music playing in the background because they can enjoy listening passively. While studying, your brain isn’t working to decipher lyrics, instead it’s just enjoying the music playing. So while listening to the music’s core, it’s easy to appreciate the artist’s tone and instruments.

Another benefit of enjoying foreign music is exposing yourself not only to music from different languages but cultures. Often times, you’ll find many similarities between your native music and foreign songs. Language does not limit emotion, and music often carries that sentiment. Listeners are sometimes inspired to learn new languages because of their love for international music. Why not try learning a new language with Language Trainers, and perhaps decipher lyrics to your favorite foreign language song?