The Best Places to Brush Up on Your Language Skills Which You Never Thought About Before (Part I)

If you are studying a foreign language in order to use it abroad then you might be wondering where you would be best advised to practice and brush up on it once you get away. The truth is that wherever you go you are likely to be surrounded by the words and phrases you have recently learned. However, there are some extra special places which you should definitely consider going to when you finish your classes with Language Trainers and travel to somewhere you can use the language each day.

The Zoo

We all love going to the zoo but did you know that it is fantastic for language students as well as being ideal when you don’t know what to do with your kids at the weekend? The simplest reason for this is that zoos all over world very kindly put little signs on their cages and cases telling us what is inside them. If you are in a major city you might even find that the signs explain everything in English as well as in the local language. Another advantage of going here is that people say the same things over and over again in a really obvious way in zoo, don’t you? Phrases like “look, there’s a lion” and “I can’t see the badger” might not be the most useful but this is still a fine way of fine tuning your listening skills. Finally, those penguins are just too cute, aren’t they?