The Best Places to Brush Up on Your Language Skills Which You Never Thought About Before (Part II)

The Underground

When you go to a foreign city which has an underground transport system you should use it. These are among the best places in the world for eavesdropping other people’s conversations and hearing some new words. The time honored way of doing this all over the planet is by sitting and looking at the opened book in your hands while you listen to what the people around you are saying. Just click here if you like the sound of learning how to understand other Underground travelers in distant lands.

The Supermarket

This final unexpected place to visit has a bit of the benefits of both of the previous two places. First of all, you will be able to pass as long as you want reading labels and signs to learn new words. The only possible drawback is that people might start to look at you funny if you spend too long looking at the tins of beans and are apparently fascinated by them. Like the Underground trains, these are also terrific places for listening to other people’s conversations and learning new words that way as well. If you find a great place to take Chinese lessons in Toronto then don’t forget to put those lessons to good use once you find yourself in China and feel like going to a supermarket.