Speak Better English in the Workplace with These 7 Textbooks

Are you a professional looking to improve your English-language skills in the workplace? Or an English teacher who’s been tasked with the daunting job of giving classes to CEOs, managers, and accountants of big-name companies? Don’t worry: our experts can recommend the perfect book for you. With these seven excellent textbooks, we’ve selected the cream of the crop in business English textbooks, for both newcomers to business English as well as seasoned experts looking to polish their skills.

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1. Clockwise Elementary (Beginner)

Clockwise Elementary is a quick refresher course for those who may have learned English in the past, but need to brush up on grammar and vocabulary. Fast-paced and intensive, Clockwise Elementary is great for self-learners and one-on-one courses, especially for beginners who want to improve their English quickly. If you have an important meeting or conference call coming up, Clockwise Elementary is the book for you. Full review of Clockwise Elementary

2. Market Leader Elementary (Beginner)

For a slower, more thorough introduction to business English, there’s no better choice than Market Leader Elementary. With its pleasing layout, logical organization, and emphasis on real-life skills, Market Leader Elementary is perfect for professionals who want to learn English and aren’t so pressed for time. The book focuses on engagement and communication, and thus involves ample pair- and group-work, making it an especially good choice for group classes. Full review of Market Leader Elementary

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3. Intelligent Business (Intermediate)

With its numerous grammar review sections, listening activities, and exercises for writing presentations, Intelligent Business is a life-saver for intermediate-level students who want some guidance on their upcoming meeting or presentation. Complete with text-based writing and reading exercises, a listening CD, and online support for students, Intelligent Business comes fully loaded. With its clear and thorough chapters organized around a central theme, Intelligent Business does the lesson planning for you, making it  perfect for self-taught students or busy teachers. Full review of Intelligent Business

4. ESL Everyday Business Life (Intermediate)

ESL Everyday Business Life isn’t your typical business English text. Rather than focusing on grammar, ESL Everyday Business Life emphasizes useful, up-to-date business jargon that you’re sure to hear in the workplace. In addition, it includes sections on workplace interaction skills, like telephone practice and how to converse in small groups. As such, it’s great on its own for more advanced learners, or as a complement to any of the other books on this list. Full review of ESL Everyday Business Life

5. Business Result Upper-Intermediate (Intermediate)

For upper-intermediate students who need practice with specific business vocabulary, tricky grammar points, and fluid conversation practice, there’s no better choice than Business Result Upper-Intermediate. Each of the book’s sixteen chapters includes creative and comprehensive exercises that involve reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Each chapter with a test of the material covered — a serious boon for teachers and students who want to monitor their progress. Full review of Business Result

Image via Nicole Basaraba

Image via Nicole Basaraba

6. New English File (Advanced)

New English File focuses on conversation and listening, with a strong emphasis on situation-specific vocabulary. It features a thorough review of diverse topics, such as introductions, interviews, and even ordering food. As such, it’s both a linguistic and cultural guide to business English, which is ideal for professionals who need to prepare for a trip to an English-speaking country. Further, New English File includes step-by-step instructions on how to teach each section, making it a breeze for teachers. Full review of New English File

7. American Accent Training (Advanced)

For advanced businesspeople who spend a lot of time interacting with American colleagues, American Accent Training is a must-have textbook. It’s dedicated to accent reduction and thorough comprehension practice of American English, and even contains a referral to a qualified native speaker for a diagnostic speech analysis. With its 5 audio CDs and ample speaking practice, it’s sure to improve both comprehension and production of American English. Full review of American Accent Training

For teachers and students alike, this list has the ideal textbook to satisfy everyone’s business English needs. If you want more practice learning or teaching English, click here for all of our textbook reviews, which includes numerous reviews for both business and everyday English books. Of course, the best way to improve your English in the workplace is to take classes from qualified, experienced native speakers: see our business-themed course and package options here.