Say What? Cheese!

Have you ever had a photographer yell “Say Cheese” when taking your photo? (I hear it on a daily basis since I moonlight as a supermodel) Although there isn’t definitive proof of the phrase’s origin, many believe that uttering the words is the key to an amazing smile. The “ch” sound allows the position of teeth and the long “ee” sound causes the lips to part. Pat yourself on the back because we both know you just tried it!

Interesting enough, many other countries have their own versions of “Say Cheese” to accomplish the desired shape of a smile. Here are some popular photo phrases (tongue twister alert!) from around the globe:

Bulgaria: “Zele” means cabbage (obviously, right?)
China: “Qie2zi” means eggplant. (Sounds very similar to cheese!)
Germany: food words like “Spaghetti” and “Cheesecake” (who’s hungry?)
Russia: “сыр” pronounced as seer meaning cheese
Spain: “Patata” is potato
French: “Ouisitii!” meaning marmoset (not as hungry)
India: “Dat dikhao” translates to “Show your teeth”
Swedish: “Säg omelett!” for “Say omelette!” (I’m getting hungry again)
Argentina: “Whiskey” (which means I’m going to the bar!)

Does your country have its own cheesy greeting for photos? We’d love to hear what you prefer to say before a snapshot!