How to Prepare for the American Citizenship Test with Language Trainers

Preparing for the American Naturalization Test can be challenging. There is a lot of information to remember for the civic portion of the test that covers everything from America’s history and geography to the system of government and your duties as a citizen. This test is given orally and only in English, and if that isn’t daunting enough, the second part of the citizenship is designed solely to test your English skills. So how can you prepare for the American citizenship test with Language Trainers?

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The English test

The English portion of the naturalization test ensures applicants can read, write, speak, and understand English in ordinary usage. This means you should be able to make simple conversation and understand simple texts. The test is a one-on-one procedure with a naturalization (USCIS) officer, who will test your level of speaking English by discussing your application with you.

Once the officer is happy with your speaking level, you will first be asked to write one of three sentences dictated to you, and second will need to read one of three sentences out loud. Which sounds a pretty easy test to pass. Though you also have to bear in mind that some institutions or places of work will still require some further kind of certification to demonstrate your English level, with CAE and IELTS exams some of the best to take for international use. In short, though the English part of the naturalization test is fairly straightforward, you will still need to prove you are of an adequate level if you want to find work or study.

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There are one hundred civic questions you must learn the answer to in preparation for your naturalization test. Ten of these will be selected at random, of which six you will need to answer correctly. This can be a great way to practice English at the same time as brushing up on your American civics knowledge. Your Language Trainers tutor can help prepare a program of study that incorporates these questions, perfecting your level of English speaking and comprehension as you answer.

For the English test itself, you will need to be comfortable answering a range of questions, giving simple answers covering the details of your application. For the writing activity, the best way to practice would be to get used to dictating short sentences. And for the reading, you will need to understand the stress and tone of sentence structure, so that you can effectively read out loud.

Your Language Trainers tutor will assess your needs when you first meet so that over the course of you working together, your strengths are maintained, while those areas you are struggling with are improved. So for example, if you are already a confident reader in English, but have difficulty with speaking out loud, your tutor can create the perfect method of study to bring your speaking level up.

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Immersion and integration

We all know that the best way to improve our language skills is to practice, preferably through total immersion in the language. Your Language Tutor can help with that too, by giving you real life, practical lessons. Worried about that civics test? How about a lesson in a history museum where you discuss American history and politics as you look at the exhibits around you? Nervous that your naturalization officer will speak too quickly, or that you won’t understand their accent? You could have a lesson at a poetry slam, or hockey match, or doing anything else you are interested in where you are exposed to a range of speaking styles and accents. What classroom learning can ever give you those experiences?

Preparing for a citizenship test can be stressful enough, without having to worry about your English level as well. Our tutors are on hand to create the perfect environment of study for you that gets you ready. Lessons can be anywhere you need, from your home to your office, to your favorite coffee shop. Whatever your schedule, we can help you boost your confidence, so that your English is not only exactly what you need for that citizenship test, but also at a level that makes it easier to speak with peers, neighbors, and new friends.

Why not take our free online English level test then drop us a quick inquiry, so we can help you on your language journey?