The Cost of Living in Qatar: A Quick Guide

Famous for its luxury lifestyle and towering skyscrapers, Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. But what is the cost of living in Qatar really like?

It is undeniable that this is a fascinating country with a rich culture and plenty to offer residents. However, it is also important to be aware of the cost of living in such a luxurious nation before making the move.

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So, if you’re so excited about the upcoming FIFA World Cup and you’re already thinking about moving to Qatar for good, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will give you an overview of the average costs of housing, food, bills, and other necessary expenses in Qatar. Because, should you choose to venture into this exciting Arabic country, you want to be financially prepared, right?


Rent in Qatar is notoriously expensive. In fact, according to a report by Numbeo, Qatar is the 6th most expensive country in the world for rent. How expensive exactly? Let’s just say that the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is a whopping $3,900.

And if you want to live in a more luxurious apartment or villa, you must be prepared to shell out even more money. A three-bedroom apartment in a popular district like West Bay costs an average of $12,590 per month.

While this may sound discouraging, it doesn’t have to be. If you can afford the price of an apartment in this amazing country for at least a year, stop doubting. The comfort, luxury, and architectonic beauty that you will be exposed to living in Qatar is something that you’re unlikely to forget any time soon.

And of course, you could always try your luck with Qatar’s housing lottery system! This system offers residents a chance to win houses for very low prices!


While renting a flat in Qatar is undeniably costly, not everything is. Food, for example, is relatively cheap when compared to other countries with a similar cost of living. Let’s say you want to cook a mozzarella pizza at home. Naturally, you need to buy flour, tomato sauce, onion, and mozzarella cheese.

In Qatar, the ingredients for this recipe cost an average of $8.00. Just for you to have an idea, the same meal would cost you $9.00 in Switzerland, $9.50 in the United Arab Emirates, and $10.00 in Norway.

Oh, and if you want to buy a few drinks at the supermarket, more good news! Our research suggests that you could spend $0.90 for a 2-liter bottle of water, $1.25 for a 1.5-liter bottle of Coca-Cola, and $9.50 for a 12-pack of beer.

Eating Out in Qatar

Of course, cooking at home is not always an option and, when you do want to eat out to try new flavors and socialize with other travelers, Qatar has plenty of delicious options for you to choose from.

If you’re in the mood for some fast food, a McDonald’s Big Mac Meal costs $6.50, while a Burger King Whopper Meal costs $7.50.

Now, you didn’t travel all the way from the United States to Qatar to eat a Big Mac, did you? If you want something a bit more traditional (kabsa, a delicious rice and meat dish comes to mind!) a mid-range Arabic restaurant costs an average of $25.

The cost of living in Qatar - illustrative image

Of course, the cost of your meal will also depend on the type of restaurant you choose and the number of courses you order. If you want to experience Qatar’s fine dining scene, be prepared to spend at least $50 per person. It may not be exactly cheap, but having experienced the quality of the food, we can say it is definitely worth it.


Food and eating out, then, are relatively affordable in Qatar. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about bills. The cost of utilities in Qatar is, in a word, shocking.

For example, the average price of a basic electricity bill is $165 per month. This may not sound like much, but it is important to keep in mind that Qatar is a country with a very hot climate. Using the air conditioning on a regular basis can drive up the cost of your electricity bills to soaring heights.

The cost of water, also, is quite high. The average bill coming in at $38 per month. And, if you want to add Internet to the mix, be prepared to pay an additional $60 fee to your monthly expenses!

Other Costs

Of course, there are other costs associated with living in Qatar that we have not yet discussed. For example, if you have children, you will need to pay for their schooling! While the cost of private schooling varies, it is important to keep in mind that most international educational centers in Qatar are known to be quite expensive.

In addition, if you want to own a car, you will need to pay for a few extra thing. Registration, insurance, and fuelcan add up quickly to your budget!

Then, of course, there are also the costs of clothes, entertainment, and leisure to consider! While there are many free activities to enjoy in Qatar, there are also some that come with a cost. For example, a movie ticket at the cinema costs $12, while a nightclub entry fee can cost up to $40.

The cost of living in Qatar - illustrative image 2

As you can see, then, the cost of living in Qatar is not exactly cheap. However, with a bit of planning and budgeting, it is possible to live comfortably in Qatar on a modest salary.

Just be prepared for some sticker shock when it comes to your housing and utility expenses!

The cost of living in Qatar: Final thougths

Is Qatar a bit too expensive for your family? Then why not plan an extended holiday instead of a permanent move? With its beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, and abundance of activities, Qatar is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. Just be sure to budget for your Qatar visa ($60 per person) and travel insurance (calculate costs here) before you go!

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