How to Learn Japanese Fast: 4 Amazing Techniques

Do you sometimes wonder how to learn Japanese fast and have a good time while you do it?

Learning Japanese can be challenging, but I can assure you one thing: it doesn’t have to be boring. If you know how to combine your language-learning process with activities that you naturally enjoy, you will be able to learn more fun and yes, faster!

By doing this, you will not only get to practice your new language skills, but you will also get to explore your interests and even make new friends.

So, If you’re wondering how to learn Japanese fast and have a great time while doing so, keep reading.

In this blog, we’ll provide some tips and tricks to help you learn Japanese fast and without textbooks!


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1. How to Learn Japanese with Manga

Manga is a style of Japanese comic book, and it can be a great way to learn the Japanese language. Not only do they include lots of interesting stories and characters, but they bring attractive images that help you understand the stories better.

So, how can you learn Japanese with manga? Try these 3 tips:

❖    Make out the meaning of unknown Japanese words

Did you just spot a new word while reading your favorite manga? Don’t rush to your Japanese-English dictionary!

First, try to make out the meaning of the word by analyzing its context and looking at the pictures. Try to think about what it could mean in this particular instance. This way, you’ll get to understand the meaning of a word without having to look it up!

❖    Notice common Japanese words and expressions

“Wait, didn’t I read that a few minutes ago?”

Every time you find a word or expression that you’ve already seen in the manga, it means you’re learning!

Learn Japanese fast with manga

Image by Lisa Fotios via Pexels.

Take note of common words and expressions that appear regularly in your book — chances are these are very common expressions that will come in very handy when you have to use Japanese for real interaction! By paying attention to repeated terms, you will incorporate Japanese core words and phrases much faster!

❖    Keep a vocabulary diary with Japanese words

If you’re wondering how to learn Japanese fast, keeping a vocabulary diary is an excellent strategy. Every time you find an interesting, curious, or nice-looking word in your manga, write it down with its translation and a sample sentence.

Is it an adjective? Or is it a verb? Classify your words so you can find them easily later! You will see that it is perfectly possible to learn Japanese with manga if you follow the right approach.

2. The best apps to learn Japanese

As language enthusiasts, we are always asked the same question:

How easy is it to learn Japanese?

With language-learning apps, the answer is “very”, as in “very easy”. If you love to use your phone for everything and you’re wondering how to learn Japanese fast without looking away from your screen, here are 3 apps to learn Japanese that you will not want to miss.

❖    Pimsleur Japanese

Pimsleur Japanese is an audio language app. Based on a question/recall/response format that teaches users how to interact in real-life situations, it helps you learn Japanese by engaging your brain in a very natural way.

Especially great to develop your listening skill and your diction, this game-changing app includes more than 100 lessons which get progressively harder as you develop your skills. Definitely, one of the most exciting apps to learn Japanese on the market.

❖    JA Sensei

We may not have the ultimate answer regarding how to learn Japanese fast, but having an app like JA Sensei definitely helps. Developed by a team of Japanese language experts, this app is your perfect companion when it comes to learning Japanese.

Learn Japanese fast with language apps

Image by Michael Burrows, via Pexels.

From reading comprehension, Japanese writing systems, and situational lessons, JA Sensei has everything you need to interact more fluently. Plus, this app features a phrasebook and culture section that makes exploring the country hassle-free!

❖    Human Japanese

One of our favorite apps to learn Japanese, Human Japanese is perfect if you are just starting out and want a comprehensive introduction to the language. This app covers all possible aspects of the language, but what sets it apart is how it intertwines language topics with cultural insights.

These sections provide valuable context that makes every grammar point memorable and fun to learn. With Human Japanese, you will truly understand what it is like to live in Japan and use the language naturally.

3. Learn Japanese with anime

Are you still wondering how to learn Japanese fast without making it a boring chore? Relax and enjoy your favorite anime films!

Watching anime in Japanese is an excellent way to get exposure to the language, as it allows you to listen to the language used in natural and enjoyable contexts. All of this while you enjoy the wild creativity of Japanese filmmakers.

Here is how you can learn Japanese with anime films.

❖    Use English subtitles to your advantage

At first, you can watch the anime with English subtitles to get an idea of what’s going on. This will give you some context and help you get the basic meaning of long conversations. Then, you can watch the scene again without subtitles and see how much you can understand. By doing this, you will be testing both your memory and your knowledge of Japanese!

❖    Analyze Japanese intonation and pronunciation

As you get used to the flow of Japanese, focus on how words are pronounced and the intonation used by characters. As you will notice, Japanese has pitch patterns that can sound very unfamiliar to English speakers, so it’s important to get used to them, and to copy them as well! For, if you are here to discover how to learn Japanese fast, there’s no better advice than this: Listen and repeat. Listen. And repeat.

❖    Rewatch your favorite anime films

Can you learn Japanese with anime? Yes, you can. In fact, the more you watch, the more you learn. So, if you want to truly master the language, why not watch your favorite anime series again and again? Every time you watch a TV episode or a film, you will become less dependent on the subtitles, and will be able to understand more of the conversation. Plus, not having to worry about plot details will allow you to focus on the words and their pronunciation!

Learn Portuguese fast with anime films

Howl’s Moving Castle, via Pinterest.

How to Learn Japanese Fast: FAQs

1. How can I learn Japanese by myself?

Learning Japanese by yourself is an achievable task if you’re interested in understanding the language. All you need to do is practice and be persistent with your routines. Consider learning Japanese music, watching Japanese TV shows, or studying with a native Japanese teacher online. To become fluent in Japanese, however, you will need genuine oral practice.

2. How long does it take to learn Japanese?

The amount of time it takes to learn Japanese depends on factors such as your current level, how often you study, and how consistent you are. Generally, it takes between three and six months for beginners to get a basic level of understanding. For more advanced learners, it may take up to two years to become completely fluent in the language.

3. Is it easy to learn Japanese?

Japanese is a relatively difficult language for English speakers due to the differences between the two languages, especially between its two alphabets. But it is definitely possible to learn. With dedication, practice, and lots of interaction with a Japanese private teacher, anyone can become proficient in Japanese.

4. Is Duolingo good for learning Japanese?

Duolingo is a great tool to learn the basics of Japanese, such as Kanji and Hiragana. However, learning with Duolingo alone can be limiting in terms of achieving a real level of fluency. To get the best results, it is recommended to combine Duolingo with other types of learning strategies, such as taking a tailormade Japanese course.

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