8 Easy Children’s Songs to Learn French

Learning a new language can be a gigantic task for a child, especially if they’re just becoming familiar with the grammar rules that govern their first language. However, if your children are starting to learn French, there’s a fun and effective way to get started: through French rhymes and songs. Not only are these songs to learn French fun and lively, but they also help train young ears to learn new words and sounds.

Additionally, they can serve as a valuable reference for more formal language learning in the future, either through private French classes taught by native teachers or within a community.

In this article, we will explore 8 of our favorite French rhymes and songs that are perfect for introducing your children to the language and boosting their communication skills.

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1) “Bonjour, comment ça va ?” by Alain Le Lait

Bonjour, bonjour
Comment ça va?
Bonjour, bonjour
Très bien, merci

Hello, hello
How are you?
Hello, hello
Very well, thank you

Objective: Introduce French greetings

“Bonjour, comment ça va?” is an excellent rhyme to start with. It helps beginners get acquainted with basic French greetings. What makes this tune one of the best and most versatile songs to learn French for children is that you can find various versions by different singers to adapt to their personal preferences.

2) “Pomme de reinette et pomme d’api”

Pomme de reinette et pomme d’api
Tapis, tapis rouge
Pomme de reinette et pomme d’api
Tapis, tapis gris.

Pippin apple and lady apple*,
Carpet, red carpet,
Pippin apple and lady apple,
Carpet, grey carpet.

*Common varieties of apples in France

Objective: Introduce core French words

This catchy French rhyme, “Pomme de reinette et pomme d’api,” is a simple tune to sing along with and perfect for introducing young learners to their first French words.

With this song, they’ll learn to name colors, fruits, and other everyday items. Undoubtedly, it will be a delightful way to get them started on their language journey.

3) “Pomme, pêche, poire et abricot”

Pomme, pêche, poire, abricot
Y en a une, y en a une
Pomme, pêche, poire, abricot
Y en a une qui est en trop

Apple, peach, pear, apricot
There’s one, there’s one
Apple, peach, pear, apricot
One of them is too many

Objective: Practice the P consonant and learn common fruits

This song introduces four common fruits in French – apple (pomme), peach (pêche), pear (poire), and apricot (abricot).

Learning these basic vocabulary words is essential for any language learner, especially young children, who love to learn words to name the things they see and experience every day.

Additionally, the catchy melody and repetitive P sounds make this one of the most playful songs to learn French for kids.

Child singing

4) “1, 2, 3 dans les bois”

Un, deux, trois,
nous allons au bois.
Quatre, cinq, six,
cueillir des cerises.
Sept, huit, neuf,
dans un panier neuf.
Dix, onze, douze,
elles seront toutes rouges.

One, two, three,
We’re going to the woods.
Four, five, six,
To pick cherries.
Seven, eight, nine,
In a new basket.
Ten, eleven, twelve,
They will all be red.

Objective: Learn numbers and colors

This French rhyme is a fantastic tool for teaching young learners their first numbers and the color red.

Through a simple and lively tune, it engages children in counting and identifying colors in a fun and interactive way.

5) “1 éléphant, ça trompe, ça trompe”

Un éléphant, ça trompe, ça trompe
éléphant, ça trompe énormément.
Deux éléphants, ça trompe, ça trompe
Deux éléphants, ça trompe, ça trompe énormément… etc.

One elephant deceives, deceives,
One elephant deceives enormously.
Two elephants deceive, deceive,
Two elephants deceive enormously… etc.

Objective: Learn numeration from 1 to 20

If counting from 1 to 12 doesn’t seem a challenge enough for your little ones, this song might just be exactly what they need.

“Un éléphant, ça trompe, ça trompe” is the perfect way to make them learn numbers from 1 to 20 in French. It’s not only super fun but also highly effective for learning numeration.

6) “Une souris verte”

Une souris verte
Qui courait dans l’herbe
Je l’attrape par la queue,
Je la montre à ces messieurs
Ces messieurs me disent:
Trempez-la dans l’huile,
Trempez-la dans l’eau,
Ça fera un escargot
Tout chaud.

A green mouse
Who was running in the grass
I grab it by the tail,
I show it to these gentlemen
These gentlemen tell me:
Dip it in oil,
Dip it in water,
It will make a snail

Objective: Fun, story-like song that encourages motor skills development

“Une souris verte” is one of the most beloved children’s songs to learn French and an essential part of French culture. It’s not only fun to learn but also involves gestures that help develop children’s motor skills.

Plus, it goes way beyond French rhymes to present a full narrative arch that can work just as well as a bedtime story. All of this makes “Une souris verte” one of the best songs to learn French for older children and more advanced young learners.

7) “L’empereur, sa femme et le petit prince”

Lundi matin, l’empereur, sa femme et le petit prince
Sont venus chez moi pour me serrer la pince
Comme j’étais parti, le petit prince a dit
“Puisque c’est ainsi nous reviendrons mardi”

Monday morning, the emperor, his wife and the little prince
Came to my house to hug me
As I was gone, the little prince said
“Since that’s how it is, we’ll be back on Tuesday”

Objective: Learn the days of the week in French

This is one of the most colorful songs to learn French for kids. It introduces a joyful cast that includes the emperor, his wife, and their little prince to create an engaging story that should appeal to children from 8 to 11 with an intermediate level of French.

Besides teaching French grammar, it’s also an excellent way to help beginners memorize the days of the week, as the structure of the song works in a way that every new verse introduces the name of a different day. Without a doubt, an excellent resource to learn French with songs.

Teenager singing

8) “Loup y es-tu?”

Elle a volé par la fenêtre
Elle a flotté dans la nuit
Je l’ai vue
Elle a crié comme la chouette
Comme j’étais là, sûr
J’ai tout entendu
Loup y es-tu?

She flew out the window
She floated in the night
I saw it
She screamed like the owl
As I was there, sure
I heard everything
Wolf are you there?
Can you hear me?

Objective: Learn about clothing and play games

“Loup y es-tu?” combines a catchy tune with lyrics about clothing. It can be adapted for kids of different ages, making it a versatile tool for those who love to learn French with songs. Plus, the wolf symbolism adds an element of excitement, and after mastering the song, allows parents or teachers to explore French stories about wolves.

Incorporating these 10 French rhymes and songs into your child’s language-learning journey can be a delightful and effective way to boost their communication skills. Not only will they be learning the language, but they’ll also be having a great time doing it. So, why wait? Start singing and learning today!

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