These are some pretty cool flashcards

Apologies for the terrible pun, but I couldn’t resist.

Learning Chinese is difficult for many reasons, but one of my main weaknesses is learning hanzi, the Chinese pictographic characters. Although some of them make sense (e.g. 川 [chuān], meaning “river”, looks kind of like a river; or 门 [mén], meaning “gate”, looks like a gate), some are a little more cryptic, and some require leaping a few mental hurdles to remember consistently.

While sites like are very helpful in committing characters to memory, after a while it gets a little stale. In an effort to make rote learning more interesting, a company have released Fridgelingo in Chinese, a range of fridge magnets that you can rearrange to make phrases.

Very similar to those fridge magnet poetry sets, these magnets have the Chinese character, the pinyin so you know how to pronounce it, and the English translation. There are 3 sets, and each one is tailored to a specific topic (food, talking to your ayi (maid), and sex). The magnets can even be used to leave messages for your maid (“please wash the dishes and make the bed”) or start a shopping list.

Since these are the kinds of things that people like to play around with, and since the fridge is an indispensible part of the house, these magnets help make it a little more fun and interesting to learn Chinese characters.

All 3 sets of magnets are available to order from or