What If You Aren’t Learning Your Second Language Quickly Enough? (Part II)

Talk More

One of the reasons why we don’t always progress with a second language in the way we would like to is that we don’t always talk enough. This is a vital part of the process but one which can be difficult to start. You might be worried about making a mistake but mistakes are part of the learning process and simply can’t be avoided. At some point you need to pluck up the courage to start talking more. The sooner you do this the better and you will find that working with a native speaking teacher from Language Trainers helps you build up your confidence quickly in this respect. Once you get into the habit of speaking a lot in your second language nothing will stop you from improving your linguistic skills.

Try a Different Approach

If what you are doing isn’t working then it might be time to try something else. This sounds like a fairly obvious piece of reasoning but it is something which can really hold back your progress if you don’t consider it early on enough. Maybe you need to adopt a more hands on approach, for instance. It might be that you are learning on your own with a book or on the internet and need to think about taking at least a few more formal classes to get started. If this is the case then you could get started by asking something like; where can I take Chinese classes in Toronto? You might be surprised to see how easy it is to get classes on just about language in just about any city in North America.