The 4 Best Websites to Learn Languages Online

If you are learning a new language, you are probably familiar with Duolingo, Drops and Memrise. Though these apps are great to practice grammar and vocabulary, you may have noticed that they are not of great help to develop other skills, like reading and listening.

So, if you would like to develop your linguistic abilities with engaging content, we have you covered! Explore some of the best websites to learn languages below.

Open Culture

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

Are you looking for an online self-learning platform that features truly educational content? Then, Open Culture is for you. On this site, you can find:

  • Free online courses from the best universities in the world, including Yale, Harvard, and Oxford.
  • High-quality materials in 48 languages, from Greek to Russian.
  • Official lectures from governments, universities, and prestigious private institutions on subjects such as philosophy, literature, science, and technology.

Plus, this free language learning website boasts masterclasses by respected intellectuals such as Michael Foucault, Carl Sagan, and Roland Barthes. Visit the section “Great lectures” and see which of them best suits your needs and interests.


Going back to the question “What can I do to keep on learning outside the classroom?”, we believe that it is essential for learners to be exposed to cultural and media products in the target language.

Streema is one of the best websites to learn languages since you will find free TV and radio content from all over the world in almost every language. Although this is not strictly a website to learn languages, it does provide free language learning opportunities, as it features endless hours of audiovisual material where you will find real oral discourse in use.

Photo by Laker from Pexels

This is an invaluable resource for advanced learners of every language. With Streema, you get to hear what foreign languages sound like as spoken by native speakers. As a result, you get to familiarize yourself with:

  • Informal expressions
  • Idioms and fixed phrases
  • Pronunciation patterns

Are you studying a lesser-known language, such as Albanian or Nepali? Then, Streema is the best site for you, as it contains free content even in the rarest of languages.

Or maybe you would like to learn some Turkish while watching an exciting soap opera, such as Mercy or Fatmagül? All you have to do is click on this link, enter the name of the country, and check out the best Turkish channels.

Innovative Language

Do you enjoy a simple approach to language learning? Then, you might want to try this platform.

Since its appearance in 2005, Innovative Language has become one of the best websites to learn languages out there. This well-designed, user-friendly platform hosts:

  • A massive collection of free video and audio materials in nearly 50 languages.
  • Free lessons created by professional teachers which are updated on a regular basis.
  • Materials for students of all levels, not just advanced learners.

Are you an absolute beginner German learner? Not a problem at all. Just enter the German section, select your level, and you will find engaging tasks and activities to boost your language skills.

Internet Polyglot

Internet Polyglot provides many of the same advantages as the sites mentioned above, but it does have an innovative added edge that makes it one of the best websites to learn languages:  Its “quick start menu” allows you to select not only you target language, i.e. the language that you want to learn, but also the language in which you would like to receive instructions and explanations.

Are you already fluent in English and you want to work on your Spanish? Just choose “English” for the language you speak, and learn a new language while improving your English skills.

Besides, Internet Polyglot features vocabulary games that keep track of students’ progress and continually recycle the lexical items that they seem to find the hardest to remember. Here, for example, you will find guessing and matching games for English and Spanish learners on the topic of clothes. But you will find lots of different topics!

If you want to check out more free language learning websites, read this blog and find out which one is the best for you.

As you can see, the possibilities for language learners are countless. No matter what your level is, or what kind of materials you prefer, there are great websites to learn languages for every student. In the end, how much you progress will depend on your motivation and hard work. However, do not forget that your learning progress will always be faster and more efficient if you learn with a qualified native instructor. That is why we encourage you to explore the benefits of our individually-tailored courses and to contact us on our website so you can learn more about our methodology.