4 Language Blogs Every Language Learner Should Follow

The internet is rife with bloggers who are excited about learning foreign languages and eager to offer tips and tricks about how to do so. The best of these blogs, in addition to being entertaining and well-written, offer original and useful content that all language learners can benefit from. Below is a list of some of our favorite language blogs that we believe should be at the top of any language learner’s reading list.

1. Languages Around the Globe

Languages Around the Globe was established in 2012 to promote cultural exchange via language learning. Since then, it’s blossomed into one of the best repositories of useful, actionable language-learning advice. But it’s more than just a blog: its Facebook page, which has over 20,000 fans, posts tons of interesting articles about the world of languages and linguistics. Its newly inaugurated Facebook group, too, is a great way to connect with other language learners, culture fanatics, and polyglots. Finally, those looking for freelance work in the realm of foreign languages can check out its jobs board, which features language-related job offerings.

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2. The Polyglotist

As its name suggests, The Polyglotist is run by a Mexican-born polyglot who speaks an impressive six languages. Despite what you might assume, though, she’s almost never set foot in a language class. Thus, she created The Polyglotist to share her secrets for learning languages fast. The blog focuses primarily on naturalistic, situation-based language learning, which mimics how you learned your mother tongue. As one of the newest blogs on this list, it’s still growing, but its posts are a goldmine for language-learning advice.

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3. Games for Language

Games for Language was founded by Ulrike Rettig, who holds a PhD in Germanic Languages from Harvard University. The website was started to offer free story-based mini courses and games that are an excellent supplement to your language learning regimen. However, its blog, which focuses on language, culture, and travel, is an excellent resource on its own. It’s especially worth checking out for those who are interested in travel, as many of its posts catalogue the authors’ travels, in addition to language learning advice and cultural tidbits.

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4. View from the Town

View from the Town is the blog that accompanies Parleremo, a virtual village of language learners. We especially like Parleremo for the breadth of its subject matter: it contains entertaining and cheeky posts that language learners can identify with, in addition to more serious language-learning tips, as well as useful reviews of popular language books and products. Those who enjoy View from the Town should also check out Parrot Time, an online language magazine produced by the owner of View from the Town.

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Following the blogs on your list will do a lot more than just providing an entertaining supplement to your language courses: you’ll find great language-learning tips, useful strategies to keep your motivation high, and tons of other posts that are tailor-made to the language learner. Overall, they’re an excellent start for those who are interested in connecting with like-minded polyglots and language lovers.