Ah, Wikipedia. When I was at school and the internet was still in its early days – Compuserve, AOL, 14.4k dial-up modem screeching and waiting forever to load, well, any web page – I would have given anything for such a wealth of knowledge just a couple of clicks away. Kids these days have it so easy.

I learned only recently, however, that besides the vast array of languages in which everybody’s favourite collaborative encyclopedia is available, you can also browse Wikipedia in simple English – perfect for young children, or anybody who is trying to learn English.

There are ‘only’ around 60,000 articles on the simple English Wikipedia (compared with over a million on the usual English site), but it’s still an excellent move by Wikipedia to make their site a practical and approachable tool for everybody.

Remember though: whilst their continuing attempts to deliver an unbiased, factual encyclopedia is a noble cause indeed, using Wikipedia as a primary source is not advisable!