Languages make you more attractive

People who speak foreign languages are considered more intelligent and sexier according to a survey of UK dating agencies. So that’s quite a good reason to learn languages, if that’s the kind thing that

Another good reason to learn languages is that it helps your employment prospects and earning potential. The report in which the above survey is mentioned as found that companies are more likely to employ applicants with language skills than those without such skills. They are also willing to pay employees who speak foreign languages between 12%  and 20% more. Over a lifetime that works out as between £145,000 and £423,000 more than people without such skills.

Not only could you earn more money if you speak languages, you could also work in different countries, for foreign organisations,  or for organisations that do business or have links with foreign parts in your own country. There is also perhaps a greater variety of jobs available to those with language skills, and more interesting jobs as well.

In the UK languages are useful in many different fields, especially in sales, customer services, IT, market research, and finance, and the languages most in demand are French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. Increasing numbers of companies are keen to do busines with China, so a knowledge of Mandarin or another variety of Chinese is handy.

If you’re an EU citizen you have the right to work anywhere within the EU. A knowledge of several European languages will make you much more employable if you decide to work abroad, and will also help you settle in to a new country.