4 languages in a few years? Not impossible

Source: lifehacker.com

Lifehacker ran an article today on polyglot Gabriel Wyner, an opera singer who was tasked with learning 4 languages due to his career choice. He has achieved near fluency in Italian, French, German, and most recently Russian.

His four-step method is simpler than you might think, and relies on taking each language step by step; first learning correct pronunciation, then immersing yourself entirely in the language to improve your grammar and overall vocabulary. After that, you work on listening, reading and writing, and only then do you work on improving your speaking skills. Read the article to find out more about Wyner’s language acquisition method, which has certainly proven to be pretty successful for him and serves as something of an inspiration for aspiring polyglots.

Gabriel Wyner attended a language immersion program for German back in 2004, and enjoyed it so much that he then tasked himself to learn French and Italian, followed by Russian. It helps that he’s living and working in Vienna, which means that most – if not all – of his daily routine will be performed in German. However, it’s certainly extremely impressive to have gained such fluency in 4 fairly disparate languages (French and Italian will obviously help each other out, both being romance languages) in such a short time.

You can learn more about Gabriel Wyner on his website.