Word of the day – orgoglioso

Today’s word, orgoglioso, which means proud in Italian, however it doesn’t have quite the same connotations as in English. Instead of having generally positive connotations of  self-confidence , it has negative connotations of self-importance and haughtyness in Italian. You can however say that you’re proud of someone else: “sono orgogliosa di te” (I’m proud of you).

Related words include

  • orgoglio (pride)
  • orgogliosamente / fieramente (proudly)
  • inorgoglire (t0 make proud)
  • inorgoglirsi (to become proud)
  • fiero (proud; disdainful; haughty; cruel; fierce; audacious)
  • fierezza (proud; haughtiness; boldness; daring

When looking up foreign words in a dictionary you have to be careful that you find the right one. A word in English may have more than one equivalent in Italian or another language, and vice versa. One way to check words is to look them up in the English / Italian section, then check them in the Italian / English section. Larger dictionaries have examples of usage which can help you narrow in on the exact translation you need.