Window shopping

When you go looking around the shops but don’t buy anything or even go inside them, you would say that you’re “window shopping” in English, even though you’re probably not shopping for windows,

In French you go “window licking” (faire du leche-vitrine).

In German you can go on a “shop window ramble” (Schaufensterbummel), while in Swedish the phrase means the same as in English – fönstershoppa (window shopping).

In Italian, Spanish and Portuguese you “go to the shop windows” (andare a vedere le vetrine / ir de escaparates / ir ver vitrines)

In Chinese the equivalent of this phrase is 逛街 (guàng jiē) or “street wandering/strolling” – this expression also means  to take a walk and to stroll down the street.

The equivalent phrase in Japanese is a transliteration of the English phrase –  ウィンドーショッピング (windōshoppingu).