What If You Aren’t Learning Your Second Language Quickly Enough? (Part I)

 When they plan to learn a foreign language most people probably don’t fully appreciate that this is the start of a lifetime of learning. One of the great things about studying a second language is that you can carry on picking up new words and phrases while having fun long after you have learned the basics.

However, the hardest part of all may be at the very beginning, when you might get frustrated at what you see to be a lack of progress on your part. If this is the case then here are some tips to see if you can increase your learning speed.

Take a Trip

Ideally, you will have the chance to take a trip somewhere you can speak your new language with the locals. Clearly the language you are studying and where you live are the two factors which are most going to influence whether this is possible or now. Having said that, a bit of lateral thinking might help you come up with interesting solutions even when this appears to be impossible. For example, if you can’t go to Latin America then you could practice your Spanish taking classes in Miami!