Pollo, Not Chicken!

New York is more than my home, it’s a brilliant city of merging cultures often called the world’s melting pot. On the days I don’t have any interest in cooking (which is quite often), my neighborhood offers an abundance of culinary options. As of late, my favorite cuisine has been Spanish food. Spanish food in New York is not only delicious but a medley of rich ingredients shared among Latin Americans in the area.

One of my favorite Spanish dishes is arroz con pollo, which means chicken with rice in English. Although the name seems basic, there is nothing simple about this delicious dish. Arroz con pollo is actually a traditional dish in Latin America from Puerto Rico to Columbia. Its roots originate from Spain as a type of pilaf. Mixtures of rice, chicken, stock, saffron and sofrito along with spices make this dish a complex yet modest meal.

The Spanish restaurant in my neighborhood has an amazing chef who serves up arroz con pollo with fried plantains, better known as tostones in Spanish. The chef became so use to my presence around dinner time, he decided I should start ordering in Spanish if I wanted to eat his food! Luckily for him, my stomach influenced the decision to start learning menu items in Spanish! Now, when I venture over to his restaurant instead of meekly asking for chicken and rice, I yell out “ARROZ CON POLLO por favor (please)!”

Perhaps you should try taking Spanish lessons in New York so you too can try ordering directly from a Spanish menu. Your server and stomach will appreciate the effort!