Where can I find people with whom to practice the language I’m learning?

If you are going to language classes, you can practise using the language with your teacher and other students. You could seek out native speakers of the language in your area – these might be people who have immigrated to the area, international students who are studying at a local school, college or university, tourists, or people visiting on business. You might be able to make contact via shops or restaurants run by and/or catering for such people, via cultural organisations, via educational institutions, or via friends and acquaintances.

There are also quite a few websites where you can find conversation partners and penpals. You usually have to register and enter a short profile which includes details of which language(s) you speak and which you’re learning. You can then search the sites for people who are learning your language and speak the language you’re learning. You can establish contact either via the sites themselves, some of which have built-in email and text chat facilities, or via Skype or chat programs like MSN Messenger.

I use the following sites and have met many people through them:

If you can, it’s really helpful to spend time in a country where the language you’re learning is spoken. You could go on a language course, do another course taught through the language, travel, teach your language, or find other kinds of work.