Tell me a story


Making up and telling stories is a good way to practise using the language you’re learning. During the process of composing the stories you will need to think about how to structure your sentences, how to apply the grammar, and which words to use. As you’ll be using new words in context they’re more likely to stay in your memory than if you just try to learn them on their own. The same is true of the grammar.

Writing out the stories can be a good way to practise writing or typing the language, and by telling your stories to others you could practise reading and speaking the language.

If you need inspiration you could go around your home or office and choose a number of objects, and then try to use them in a story, either with their normal functions, or with completely different functions.

You could do something similar with photos. For example, you could choose photos of people, animals, places and other things and try to link them together in a story.

If you want to focus on a particular aspect of a language or on a particular subject, you could choose objects or photos related to that subject or which could help you practise that aspect of the language.