Word of the day – prisa

Today’s word, prisa, is the Spanish for hurry, haste, speed or (a sense of) urgency. It is used in quite a few expressions, including:

  • tener prisa / estar de prisa – to be in a hurry
  • darse prisa – to hurry (up), or literally, “to give oneself hurry”
  • dar/meter prisa a uno – to hurry someone else up
  • voy con mucha prisa / tengo mucha prisa – I’m in a great hurry
  • temporada de más prisa – busy period
  • a prisa / de prisa – quickly, hurriedly
  • a toda prisa – as quickly as possibly
  • ¡date prisa! – hurry up! get a move on!
  • sin prisa pero sin pausa – in an unhurried way (without hurrying but without pausing)

Interestingly the word for hurry in Welsh (prysur) sounds similar to like the Spanish word prisa. You never know when you might find unexpected connections between languages like this.