Missing vocabulary

Source: itchyfeetcomic.com

I think anybody who is in the process of learning another language knows this feeling all too well – you’re at a stage when you can communicate reasonably well, you can express your thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics… and then your confidence is utterly shaken when you’re suddenly faced with a small gap in your vocabulary that suddenly becomes a yawning chasm.

This happens a lot to me here in China, where it seems that I can be doing absolutely fine in a conversation until a word comes up that I don’t understand, and suddenly I lose all sense of context. Only one way to fix it – study more vocabulary!

Credit to the great webcmomic Itchy Feet, which often features comics about language learning and expat life. This comic is talking about German, but it really could be talking about any language! Take a look at all the German classes Vancouver has to offer.