Japanese Words of Love: 14 Inspiring Phrases in Japanese

When we think of romantic languages, Japanese may not immediately come to mind. However, the Japanese language can be incredibly romantic, with a range of beautiful words and phrases to express love and affection. From poetic phrases to simple expressions of love, here are 14 Japanese words of love to add to your vocabulary.

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Romantic Japanese Phrases

Are you learning Japanese and want to show your significant other how fast you’re progressing? Surprise them with these Japanese words of love:

1.   愛してる (Aishiteru) – “I love you”

This is the most straightforward and direct way to express romantic feelings in Japanese. Have you fallen in love with a Japanese person? Express your feelings in their language! Do you have an animé-loving boyfriend or girlfriend? Surprise them with the simplest and most beautiful Japanese words of love.

2.    あなたがいてくれてうれしい (Anata ga ite kurete ureshii) – “I’m happy you’re here”

This phrase expresses a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the person you love and can be used to express love and affection in a variety of situations. Whether you’re watching a film, dining in a romantic restaurant, or simply cuddling up on the sofa, this phrase is perfect for expressing your feelings of joy and happiness.

3.   大切な人 (Taisetsu na hito) – “My precious person”

The Japanese language has a range of unique terms to express love and affection. This phrase is the perfect way to show someone that you truly feel you both belong together. It shows deep commitment and appreciation for a person, and can be used in both romantic and platonic relationships.

4.   恋しい (Koishii) – “I miss you”

When you’re separated from the person you love, this simple but romantic Japanese phrase can express the longing and yearning you feel for them. So, if your significant other is away on business or vacation, try sending them a message using this phrase to show how much you miss them.

5.   好きです (Suki desu) – “I like you”

Perhaps what you’re looking for is not a romantic Japanese phrase for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but a simple way to express your feelings in Japanese.  This is a good one to start with! It’s not a declaration of love, but it still shows your feelings in a subtle and gentle way. Granted, this phrase doesn’t have the same intensity as an “I love you”. However, it can still be used to tell your crush how you feel.

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Japanese Words of Love for Friends and Family

6.   心が繋がっている (Kokoro ga tsunagatte iru) – “Our hearts are connected”

This romantic Japanese phrase expresses a deep emotional connection and understanding between two people. But, does it only apply to romantic feelings?  Not at all – it can also be used to express love and affection for family and friends. Whether you want to share your feelings with a good friend, or tell your parents how much they mean to you, use these Japanese words of love and explain the deep meaning behind them.

7.   君はかけがえのない存在だ (Kimi wa kakegae no nai sonzai da) – “You are irreplaceable”

We all like to know how special we are to the people we love. This powerful Japanese phrase conveys the special significance of someone in your life – that they are irreplaceable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re saying it to a sibling, your favorite aunt, or a romantic partner. This phrase is sure to let them know the unique importance they hold in your life.

8.   いつでもそばにいるよ (Itsudemo soba ni iru yo) – “I’m here for you”

Sometimes, all we need is to know that someone has our back. And, what Japanese words of love could be more comforting than this? This phrase conveys a sense of support and understanding that can be used in any kind of relationship.  So, if you want to make sure a special person knows you’re always there for them, or remind your mom how much she means to you, try using this phrase.

9.   君の微笑みが僕の世界を照らす (Kimi no hohoemi ga boku no sekai wo terasu) – “Your smile lights up my world”

Expressing love doesn’t have to be limited to words. This phrase captures the joy and happiness that seeing someone’s smile can bring into your life. It conveys how much you appreciate seeing that special person happy. Moreover, it shows them that even with the simplest of gestures, they can make a huge difference in your life.

Japanese Words for Tattoo Art

Looking for Japanese words for tattoo art? Japanese symbols definitely look great on your skin, but it’s important to make sure that you understand the meanings of the Japanese characters in question. Otherwise, you may end up with a tattoo that doesn’t quite convey the message you hoped for — to embarrassing effects!

If you want to play it safe, here are some awesome Japanese words for tattoo art that you should consider:

10.    強くなれ (Tsuyoku nare) – “Stay Strong”

This phrase has become a popular choice for tattoos. It’s a gentle reminder to stay strong in the face of adversity, no matter what life throws your way. Not only is it a great source of motivation, but it looks great on the skin too!

11.    優しくなろう (Yasashiku narou) – “Be Kind”

Is this a piece of advice for other people or a reminder to be kind to yourself? No matter how you interpret it, this is a great Japanese phrase for tattoos. Life can often be difficult, but this one will encourage you to take pause and remember that kindness can make all the difference.

12.    自由に生きよう (Jiyuu ni ikiyou) – “Live Freely”

This Japanese phrase is a great way to remind you that we should enjoy life, and to not get too overwhelmed with obligations or expectations. Whether you’re running away from something or simply want to enjoy the freedom of life, this phrase is perfect for your next tattoo.

13.     忘れない  (Wasurenai) – “I will never forget”

This phrase expresses a commitment to remember something or someone forever. But, while it seems this is just another instance of sweet Japanese words of love, it can mean much more than that. First and foremost, it’s a reminder of memories and experiences, whether it’s something you’ve experienced with other people or on your own. So, if there’s a trip, concert, or family moment that you want to remember forever, this phrase will ensure that they never fade away.

14.    絆 (Kizuna) – “Bond”

This word expresses the deep emotional connection and bond between two people. Whether it’s the bond between two friends, lovers, family members or even the bond you have with yourself, this is a great phrase to express all kinds of relationships.

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In conclusion, Japanese words of love are great for expressing a wide range of emotions and messages. Whether it’s simple words like “I love you” or more complex phrases like “I will never forget”, there are plenty of Japanese words for tattoo art, love letters, and declarations of love that you can choose from.

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