Online Japanese Lessons

Let our Online Japanese tutors guide you through the language, from speaking and listening to the characters and different scripts you need for reading and writing. Beginners and higher levels are welcome.

Online General Japanese Lessons

The perfect course for both the beginner to Japanese and more advanced students. All students can expect to finish the Japanese course with a deeper knowledge of the Japanese culture and language, along with improved fluency.

Beginners to the course will begin with a Survival Japanese course. This “survival” lessons introduces the Japanese culture, to help students better integrate into a Japanese-speaking culture. All lessons will be custom-designed to address the student’s goals in taking the course.

The higher levels will concentrate on practicing and reviewing Japanese characters, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Our students include: spouses of overseas nationals, world travelers, students preparing for a Japanese exam, and those with an appreciation of the Japanese culture and language.

This course is available as One-to-One and Two-to-One classes. Private (closed) group and Public (open) group classes are also offered. Private Groups are composed of their own selection of students. Class preparations and a course schedule will be made by Language Trainers, after the group has been formed.

Public Group classes are organized entirely by our company. Any student may sign up for this group. Classes will meet on the same day and at the same time every week.

Maximum group size: 8. Minimum booking for all classes is 10 hours.

Online Business Japanese Lessons

These lessons are ideal for anyone who is looking to get ahead in their current job situation by learning or improving their Japanese skills.

Beginners to the Japanese language can expect to study Survival Japanese, E-mail Japanese and Telephone Japanese. These three lessons are essential parts of the course that will help students build a strong foundation in the Japanese language. Upon completion of these lessons, students will be taught Japanese business formalities such as formal greetings, business etiquette and cultural differences in the Japanese business world.

Higher levels will begin the course focusing on both Japanese document writing and Japanese document reading. Students will then concentrate on the specific requirements associated with their jobs.

This is the perfect course for those who are in the fields of international import and export, international negotiations and for those who are currently looking for employment in a company that seeks employees who can speak Japanese.

Online Business Japanese courses are available as One-to-One and Private (closed) group lessons. Private group lessons are a wonderful alternative for those employees who wish to study a course together. Language Trainers will organize the schedule at the convenience of the students’ schedules. The maximum group size is 8 people.

All classes have a minimum booking of 10 hours.

Japanese Beyond the Phrasebook
Online Japanese Lessons for Travelers

Travelers planning a trip to Japan will enjoy the ease and convenience of our Beyond the Phrasebook Japanese course! All students will be tutored in the areas of giving/receiving directions, ordering food, shopping, booking hotel accommodations, exchanging money, and all other essential topics to prepare the students for their trip. Students will practice pronunciation and Japanese characters with their students, to go beyond the phrasebook. Students may request to focus on specific subjects such as: adopting a child, moving to Japan, or conducting business in Japan.

This course is available as ten 1-hour sessions. Five 1-hour sessions are also available if there is little time left before the travel date.

We are hiring Japanese teachers. If you have experience teaching Japanese online, send us your resume or CV