In a Relationship? How to Learn a Language with Your Partner

Learn a language with your partner

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The benefits of exercising your passions with loved ones can obviously never be underestimated, and it’s a well-known truth that couples who love to do things together are more likely to stay together longer. So, have you ever considered learning a language with your partner?

Now, the success by which you may be able to learn a language all depends on how much time and effort you’re both willing to put in. Some love learning another language and are very capable at it, while others struggle and don’t find it enjoyable. As long as there’s a fair amount of interest between partners, definitely try it out and see if it can be your next big hobby together.

Here are 4 tips for trying to learn a language together, to see if learning with your partner is for you:

1. Make it a date-night activity

Have you ever thought to yourself, “wow, all we do watch Netflix together”? While Netflix and other “chill” activities certainly have their own time and place, sometimes too much is, well, just too much. One way to freshen up your activities together as a couple is to introduce language learning into the mix. It can be a great way to bond over learning, making mistakes, developing patience with yourself – all while making you both better world citizens.

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Try intentionally making learning another language a special date night activity. Maybe make dinner or use other ways to create an atmosphere conducive to comfort and fun. Then, crack open the textbook or videos and get going!

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2. Integrate it into your lives and relationship

Taking a road trip with your partner soon? Bring along a language podcast or audio book in that language to listen along to and practice while traveling. Feel like changing up your morning routine? Instead of just exercising with headphones first thing, exercise together while learning another language. Have a favorite hobby? Well, find a way to bring it to life with language integration! Whatever it is, you can find a way to include language learning with your passions if you and your partner want to.

In fact, merely sitting down and planning how to learn your target language together is a great start. Hear each other’s ideas, be respectful of things you don’t like, and set a reasonable amount of time toward learning your new language together every week.

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3. Encourage each other every step of the way

Just like you would in anything else, encourage your partner throughout the language journey. It isn’t always easy to learn another language, but it’s important to recognize the bravery you both show for trying. And, it’s especially worth the effort if you succeed, so get started soon!

4. Personalize your language experiences

Above all else, make sure to personalize your language experience in every way that you can. There’s no other couple on Earth quite like you two, so be sure to tailor your language learning according to what you want. And, remember to have a blast doing it!

Have any other great tips for learning a language as a couple? Share them in the comments below!