Commonly corrected grammatical mistakes that aren’t actually mistakes

Source: [warning: explicit language]

Humor site have got a “top 10”-style list for almost every subject you could think of, and the English language is no exception. This time they’re lampooning the prescriptivists of the English language – those who apply rules and normative practices on the language’s spelling, grammar, syntax and pronunciation. This article lists 7 common “mistakes” in English that aren’t technically mistakes, such as split infinitives and people liberally using the word “literally” when they mean “figuratively”.

While these ‘errors’ so often fuel the ire of the grammar police, there is little – if any – evidence that they aren’t technically correct (the best kind of correct).

As always with articles, before you click be warned that there will be plenty of foul language and childish humor! You can read the full article here.