5 Italian Artists That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you learning Italian? Want to find another way to add to your studies that takes little effort at all? Music is your answer!

By listening to music in Italian, you will perfect your accent, increase your vocabulary, and learn a few colloquialisms along the way — as well as entertain your fellow travelers if you are singing along to this music while commuting!

But which Italian artists should you be listening to? Here are some of our suggestions! And don’t forget to check our Spotify playlist with some of the best music in Italian to boost your language skills.

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1. Diodato

Diodato is an artist from Aosta in Italy, who represented the country in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest! He is a perfect artist to get to know, so you can sing along to some of his performances (we really, really hope in Italian!).

He has participated in the Sanremo Music Festival, and won the MTV Italian Music Awards for Best New Generation. Diodato has four studio albums for you to practice your Italian with, one of our favorites being Che vita meravigliosa. Diodato sings pop and rock that is catchy and will no doubt have you singing along in no time. Here is his song Fai rumore to give you a taste of Diodato’s style to see if it is one for you!

2. Levante

Levante is a singer, novel writer, and model, so if you like her then you can make following her career online an entire Italian lesson!

From Caltagirone in Sicily, Levante is a hardworking artist whose style is mostly pop and Indie-pop, and is influenced by singers such as Alanis Morissette, Tori Amos, and Kristina Train.

She has four studio albums, two books, and numerous modeling contracts. She has several singles that have gone gold or platinum, and her music is often featured in the Italian top twenty charts.

Here is her song Tikibombom and her collaboration on Assenzio if you want to give her music a listen!


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3. Le Vibrazioni

Like rock music? Then Le Vibrazioni is worth a listen! Le Vibrazioni are an Italian band from Milan who had a successful career between 1999 and 2012 then took a break.

They came back to the music scene in 2017 and show no signs of stopping performing any time soon! They have six studio albums to their name so you have a lot of songs to listen to as Italian lessons!

With fans the world over, you might even have some fellow students learning Italian as they listen! Here are Le Vibrazioni’s singles Dedicato a Te and Così so you can see if their music is for you.

4. Tiziano Ferro

Tiziano Ferro is an artist from Latina who makes pop, R&B, and soul music. He joined the music scene back in 2001 with his single Perdono which proved to be an international hit.

What we love about Ferro is that not only is his music perfect for those learning Italian, but he also sings in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French! In fact, Ferro has recorded all of his albums in both Italian and Spanish.

Ferro has worked with some pretty big names in the industry too, like Kelly Rowland, John Legend, and Mary J Blige. He has seven studio albums to date, so you have plenty of material to work with as Italian lessons. Give his song Sere Nere a listen to see if his style is for you.

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5. Francesco Gabbani

Our final suggestion of Italian artists to help you with your Italian studies is Francesco Gabbani. Born in Carrera, he has been on the music scene since around 2000, first featuring on Mira Leon’s single Filodoro. He has participated in the Sanremo Music Festival and represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, so you might already recognize him!

Gabbani has four studio albums, the most recent of which is Viceversa. His style of music is electropop and indie pop, so if that is your thing give him a listen! Here is the title track from his latest album to give you a sample.

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